Discs and Blocks and Bears…Oh My!

A Pax of 12 rolled in with plenty of time to spare on a bright and muggy Saturday morning to participate in YHC’s co Q with Honey Wagon for his virgin Q.  Mubble chatter was high but the weather was about to change that.  There were no FNG’s so Honey Wagon jumped right into the Warmorama:

Sun Gods forward-4 ct x 10

Sun Gods backward-4 ct x 10

Monkey Humpers (nice and slow)-4 ct x 10

Chinooks forward-4 ct x 10

Chinooks backward-4 ct x 10

Downward Dog 10 count, left leg 10 count, right leg 10 count

Mosey around the school to the football practice field and hand off to 420 for the Thang:

Whamo Part 1.  YHC starting by throwing the Frisbee (poorly) and the Pax sprinted towards it while it was in the air. Once it landed YHC called for Lunges the rest of the way.  Pax #2 then immediately picked it up and repeated until all of Pax had a turn and throwing and calling out movement.  YHC cannot remember all movements called but there were forward rolls, reverse lunges, plank crawls, burpee broad jumps, squat jumps, cariocas, high knees, butt kickers, imperial walkers, etc.  What started out as just fun quickly turned into something else as the humidity and some sadistic calls had everyone with their hands on their knees.

Pax then Moseyed to YHC car to grab a cinder block and moseyed back to the practice field for a little Blocks and Bears.  Pax lined up with block between their legs and proceeded to Bear Crawl across the field pulling/dragging the block with them.  Unicorn quickly devised the preferred method and soon the Pax fell in line.  Planked for the six and then to the Wall for some

Balls to the Wall-20 count up the line and then back down.  This proved much more difficult then YHC thought due to the heat and the blood rushing to the head.

Whamo Part II, Balls to the Wall Part II and Blocks and Bears Part II

Abbreviated Whamo Part III and then Mosey with Block back to YHC car and circle up for

Mary:  Honey Wagon once again took the reigns and led us through:

Wheezy Jeffersons x 10, Sweat Angels x 10, Dolly x 10, Rosalita x 10, Outlaws x 10 and LBC’s x 10

In announcements McRibb mention that his Church (Centenary) was having a fundraiser dinner Wednesday night of BBQ and Mac-N-Cheese ($5) at the Church.  Harris Teeter on Fartlek and Skid Loader for Bushwood-need a Q for The Point this Friday.

Honey Wagon closed in Prayer.

It was an honor especially to co Q with Honey Wagon on his VQ.  We have been warned-this summer is going to be brutal.


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