What does Mosey really mean?

16 men gathered on this beautiful morning. Warm-up of Plank Jacks, Windmills, SSH, Downward Dog and  Bolt 45s with 10 merkins between each exercise. Mosey to entrance for 10 Merkins, Bolt 45s and 10 merkins. Mosey to Garber for 2 rounds each of dips & derkins, and irkins & Bulgarian Squats followed by a lap.  Mosey to 17th fairway for 10 merkins and 10 burpees.  Mosey to hill behind club.  Partner 1 – Monkey Humpers, Partner 2 – Bernie Sanders X2. Then Partner 1 – Plank Jacks, Partner 2 Bear Crawl X2. Mosey to parking lot for Bruce Lee.  Cue exhausted, so we counted, names and ages, and prayed.  Thank you for this opportunity to lead and your friendship.

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