Dirty Dozen at the Dirty Bird w/Cinder Blocks

Nine men posted on this somewhat cooler yet still humid morning for superset strength training.

Warm-o-rama: SSH 4CIC x 12, High Knees 4CIC x 12, Cotton Pickers 4CIC x 12, baseball stretches, and a mosey around the building to pick up coupons–Cinder Blocks, pavers, and/or single bricks.

The Thang: 30 seconds of exercise w/heavy coupon followed by 30 seconds of kettlebell swing w/light coupon followed by 30 seconds of rest for:

  1. Goblet Squat
  2. Sumo Squat w/pulse
  3. Uneven Lunge L; Uneven Lunge R
  4. Squat to Press
  5. Romanian Deadlift
  6. Static Curtsey Lunges L; Static Curtsey Lunges R
  7. Pass-unders
  8. Lateral Lunges
  9. Bent Over Row L; Bent Over Row R
  10. Overhead Press
  11. Chest Press
  12. Tricep Diamond Press

Reverse route mosey

Mary: 100s, Tempo Freddie Mercurys 4CIC X 12, Crucifix Box Cutters 4CIC x 12, American Hammers 4CIC x 12

Announced. Named. Prayed.

Always a pleasure to lead!

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