A Birthday Beatdown

  • When: 09/09/2020
  • QIC: Cornfed
  • The Pax: 20 Strong!

Thanks for the 20 who posted this morning.  My arms hurt just typing this….

We started with a Blue Hawaiian lap before 36 Cotton Pickers, 36 Side Saddle Hops, 36 Mountain Climbers.  We then moseyed to Garber’s parking lot.

We got to know Garber’s parking lot well.  We started with 36 Merkens before running to the next corner.  At each corner we did an exercise – typically totaling 36 reps.  The Q blacked out for 30 minutes and lost track of exactly what exercises were done – but if you can think of an exercise, we likely did 36 of them.

There were a lot of Merkens, Derkens, Zurchens, Burbens, etc. – anything that ended with – ens.  We did 36 Burpees, a lot of American Hammers, squats, squats with arm press… It was truly a full body workout – oh, and we also threw in some cardio for good measure.

We ended with a 3rd set of Monkey Humpers, 8 more Burpees and 007 led by the Mayor.

A big thanks to all who came out.  I hope it was a good workout and one that will leave a good, tired feeling throughout the day.  I promise to Q again before my next birthday.


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