The Fartlek

Pax of 12 showed up to get there week started off right. No FNG’s so we got started:

SSH X 20
Downward dog

Mosey to Garber parking lot where we partnered up:
Lap 1: A: Run while B does squats (alternate)
Lap 2: A: Run while B does merkins (alternate)
Lap 3: A: Run while B does Alt Leg Lunges (alternate)

Indian run to Meadows Park where we partnered back up. We split up in 2 sets with half the pax staying in the parking lot & sent other half over to the monkey bars.

Parking Lot Group:
Partner A: Suicides B: Burpees (alternate) then mosey to Monkey Bars

Monkey Bar Group:
20 pull ups as a pair then head to parking lot

Rinse & Repeat 3 times! We were feeling it now.

Indian Run back to NBG&CC parking lot with no time to spare.

QIC lead us out in prayer.

Nice work everyone! Have a great week!


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