Burpees, Squats, Situps, Presses, Merkins and Walkers OH My!!!

Not a minute was wasted this morning.  While some claimed it was really sweat running down their face, the truth is it was tears of joy from burpees, merkins, big boy situps and much, much more.

The 12 strongest men awake in New Bern all gathered a 5:30 a.m. workout. They started with a warmup lap under/around the New Bern Country Club before doing 25 Double Count Side Saddle Hops, 20 Goofballs before running over to the Garber parking lot.

Partner Workout (Known as Nolan Richardson Workout on F3 Website):

1 Partner ran a parking lot lap – starting by running backwards, doing defensive slides over, running forwards, defensive slides over again and backwards run to end the lap.

Other partner was doing exercise and would trade off when other partner finished the lap.


100 Burpees (Yes, 100)
250 Squats
100 Big Boy Situps
200 Air Presses
100 Merkins
200 Imperial Walkers

Finished with a Victory Lap around Garber’s parking lot before heading back to the NBGCC parking lot.  With 3 minutes to spare, we dove into Mary – doing sitting Goofballs with feet in the air and ending with James Bond.

Great Workout today guys.  We closed in announcements and prayer.

2 Fingers has Wednesday.


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