Fantastic 40’s rerun

16 of our Pax gathered this AM for another round of Bushwood.  Weather was humid with a nice breeze due to Maria churning offshore. This workout is a repeat of a May Bushwood.  Since the response was overwhelmingly positive then, I decided to run it back.   No FNGs so we went right into….


Windmills x 10, Helicopter X 10, Imperial Walker X 20 , Crab Cake X 20, Freddie Mercury X 20 – 5 Burpees OYO  **5 burpees to be done whenever YHC felt like it (basically every 5 minutes or so(always a crowd favorite) Short mosey to the Tennis courts for…

The Thang/ Fantastic 40’s

Partner up for 2 rounds of 20 Wheelbarrow steps and 10 then 20 partner leg tosses.

At the end line 10 merkins, lunge across Court 1, 10 monkey humpers, Lunge across Court 2, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, Lunge back across Court 2, 10 WWI, Lunge back to across Court 1 – Plankarama for the 6

Repeato going back with 20 of each and bunny hopping across each court.  Al Gore at the end.

Repeato with 30 of each and bear crawl across each court – Plankarama

One more time with 40 of each and crabwalk (or lunges) across each court (the Pax could modify with LBCs for WWIs bc  30-40 WWIs in a row is pretty tough)

Mosey back to parking lot  for Mary, 1-leg Alabama Debutante Pushes (10 each leg), Box Cutters x 10, Dollies x 10, LSF x 10, 5 burpees OYO.

No new announcements.  Acolyte Q for point, 420 Q for the Bear.  We need Q’s in a bad way next week,  Don’t be shy, sign up.  First timers just ask a Pax member to Co-Q if needed.

YHC took us out in prayer. Small prayer for my sister, who had back surgery this AM (at press time the procedure went well by all accounts).  Please pray for the people of Puerto Rico.  YHC went to a family wedding in San Jose 18 months ago and it is a beautiful island that has been ravaged by Maria.  An already bankrupt US territory is looking toward a multi year recovery as most of the island still has no power.  That is all for now……

Always a pleasure!


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