Fartlek Backblast – Follow that Fox and the Recruitment Chase

11 men welcomed May this morning by showing up early for the 5:30 tee time at NBGCC.  The golf course is closed on Monday, but since we were all there anyway, we decided to just go with


Downward dog stretch, surfer stretch, leg pulls

Windmills X 15

Cotton pickers X 15

3 burpees OYO

Line up for Carioca down and back across employee lot, then high knees down and back


The PAX has been showing strong cardio progress, so QIC wanted to stretch the course a bit this morning.  We ran out of NBGCC, turned left, ran past Faulkner’s Famous Fox (who had overheard something about a McRib), turned left down Trent River Drive and followed that loop back to a right-turn on the main road, past NBGCC then into the Garber parking lot for a reported 1.8 miles.  Oz finished so far ahead that he had time to jimmy the lock to Garber and get us all access to the water fountain.


We formed a line in plank position and held that while all 11 men did a 10 count, down and back.

We then gathered at one end of the Garber parking lot for the Merkin Sprint.  10 merkins, then sprint to far end of parking lot, 10 more.  Rinse and repeat until each man hit 100 push-ups.  Some healthy competition here.  Oz and Deuce refused to lose.  QIC had “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” rushing through my head about half-way though, but then I saw that Honey Wagon had modified to prison-yard-style knuckle merkins.  That act of silent sacrifice pushed me through to the end.


The PAX were now dragging and sweaty, but when two recruits casually jogged by, we couldn’t help but chase them, overtake them, and leave them in pure awe on our way back to NBGCC employee parking lot.


Once there, we closed with a Mary including:

Plank Line reprise – 10 count from each man down and back

Weezy Jeffersons with slow drop X 20

Boat – Canoe until QIC lost his breath

Low slow flutter X 15

Unicorn pitched in with Freddy Mercury and Imperial Walkers to beat the buzzer.

Prayer requests were shared by Deuce and Cuddy.  Skid Loader @ Bushwood, @F3FlankSteak @ Point, Faulkner @ Bear.  We closed in prayer.

Mosquito Run 5K benefitting Fort Macon next Saturday @ 8am.  Come carpool with Roboto and HT.

Some of us discussed that, as the weather gets tougher, we may need a “Water Q” for each AO.  Let’s think about that.

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