26.2/10 + pain x 13 = F3 New Bern (Boston Style)


8 gathered on Boston Marathon Monday for the Fartlek.  There was some nervous mumble chatter, but the PAX is well trained like all the runners in Boston today.



Sun gods (forwards, backwards) IC x10 each

Windmills IC x10

Oz leg stretches (knee pulls, pigeon, quads) IC x6 each

Down dog calf stretch


The Thang

We ran (13) 0.2 mile laps around the parking lot with the following after each lap.  The PAX also endured various stories from my experience in Boston 2 years ago.

Lap 1: Merkins IC x13
Lap 2: Imperial Walker Squats IC x13
Lap 3: Gorilla Humpers IC x13
Lap 4: Plank Jacks IC x13
Lap 5: Lunges IC x13
Lap 6: Box Cutters IC x13
Lap 7: Groiners IC x13
Lap 8: Squats IC x13
Lap 9: Hillbillies IC x13
Lap 10: Werkins IC x13
Lap 11: LBCs IC x13
Lap 12: Burpees OYO x13 and then x13 more to feel the burn at the end of the race!!

Lap 13: COT/BOM – QIC quoted Philippians 4:13 which is seen on many posters and t-shirts during the Boston Marathon and says “I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.  Noted that while this is commonly use as inspiration, it was written by Paul while he was in prison as a way to highlight the virtue of contentment.  We prayed that we will have contentment in times of difficulty and that we remember we can endure them with strength from the Lord above.

Thanks the opportunity to Q today!


Winning Boston Marathon Times

Men: 2:09:37 (4:57/mile)

Women 2:21:52 (5:25/mile)

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