• When: 09/04/2020
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Faulkner, Bitcoin, McRib, Corn Pirate and Pyro

Well, this was brutal.  But it’s done.   See the Preblast for details.  Read the IronPax Twitter for some humor (  Don’t believe anyone who says they finished this in 15 minutes.

All 5 PAX completed the IronPax Week #1 Challenge with Bitcoin coming in 1st and McRib right behind him.

As Bitcoin noted, there was no mumblechatter.  Strong work men!

Join us next week for the next challenge.

IronPax Challenge- Week #1- Inspector’s Gadget

  • WHAT: IronPax Challenge 2020- Week 1 Workout
  • WHERE: Union Point Park- Grass field next to the Gazebo
  • WHEN: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Soft Stop When You're Finished, 0615 Hard Stop
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 79F, Southwest Winds
  • WHY: Week 1 of 4 of the IronPax Challenge

    • 2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 1



      Text Pyro at 252-670-6023 if you’re going to make it.  Watch the video before coming!

      Feel free to “join” virtually and do this from home (F3 Greenwood recommends the SmartWOD Timer or Seconds app).  I will have a timer with a Bluetooth speaker, maybe some musical interludes, too.

      Register for the Week 1 Challenge:

      Record your score after completing the Week 1 Challenge:

      (Yes, they’re the same link)

      Video showing this week’s exercises:


      THE THANG:

      2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 1

      Inspector’s Gadget

      Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM, called by app)- 3 burpees

      3 Burpees (Begins Rd & EMOM timer)
      50 Hand Release Release Merkins
      100 Leg Raises
      150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”
      200 Big Boy Sit-ups
      250 Stationary Lunge Steps (ct ea leg as 1 rep)

      Scoring: Total elapsed time beginning with the 1st Burpee and ending with the 250th lunge step.

      *EMOM = 3 Burpees are performed at the beginning of every minute on the minute until all cumulative work is completed. Use a tabatta type app (SmartWOD Timer or Seconds) to run the EMOM.

      *Each Burpee begins and ends in the standing position.

      *Hand Release Release Merkins means that both hands are pulled off of the ground at the bottom of the merkin and 1 hand is pulled off of the ground at the top of the merkin.

      *Leg raises require feet and knees to stay together through the entire rep. The top of the rep is reached when your ankles have passed above your hips and over your abdomen. The bottom of the rep is reached when your feet touch the ground.

      *Jungle Boi Squats are a type of jumping squat. “2Spoonz Style” means that both hands touch the ground between your feet and are raised sideways until they are above your shoulders at the peak of the jump. This is an ode to Greenwood native DJ Swearinger and the hit he laid on Clemson tailback Andre Ellington.

      *Big Boy SitUps are unsupported at the feet. No leveraging feet for assistance. Both shoulder blades touch the ground at the bottom of the rep. Both shoulders clear the hips at the top of the rep. Hands are free to use as momentum.

      *Stationary Lunge Steps start in the standing upright position. Take a step forward until the Top knee is at a 90deg angle and positioned over the top of the foot. The Bottom knee should be at a 90deg angle and touching or almost touching (<1in) the ground. Step backwards until you are standing upright with both feet together at the starting position. This is one rep. Rinse & Repeat with the opposite leg. Count every step as a rep. (#EasyWay)
      **No walking lunges! This is a stationary exercise so that the EMOM timer can be heard.




The Point BB – another one

  • When: 08/28/20
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Pyro, Black Dog, Faulkner, Gander, Doorknob, Unicorn, Corn Pirate, Serena, Cornfed, Plan B, FlankSteak, Sandbagger, Stick Built, Bitcoin, Polyp, McRib (QIC)

16 posted.  81 degrees at 5:30.  No more to say.  Here’s what we did:


  • Good mornings IC X 10
  • Imperial Walkers IC X 10
  • SSH IC X 10
  • Merkins (slow, count 1,2,3 to down position, count 1, 2, 3, to up position) IC X 10
  • 5 Burpees OYO

mosey to far corner of Union Point near entrance for…..


  • 5 Sumo Squats, 3 jump squats, 20 each leg walking lunges – we followed this sequence until we reached corner by gazebo followed by
  • 5 super slow Merkins (as described above), Bear Crawl for 10 seconds back to slow Merkins – followed sequence until we reached flag pole corner, mosey to entrance corner for
  • 5 burpees, backwards run to corner, 5 burpees then sprint to next corner, following this sequence until we reached 35 burpees (now back at Gazebo corner)
  • 10 Iron Mikes (5 each leg) with defensive slides, followed this sequence until we reached corner at entrance, lined up along curb for
  • 7’s with Merkin in the middle – 1 Dirkin on curb, bear crawl to middle for merkin, bear crawl to opposite curb for 6 Irkins, crawl bear to middle for merkin, crawl bear to opposite curb for 2 Dirkins, etc

Mosey to field by flags for Plank Leap Frog ( YHC still can’t remember what this is called), then


  • Plank Jacks IC X 20
  • Heel Touches IC X 40
  • Mountain Climbers IC X 20
  • Dying cockroaches IC X 20
  • Box Cutters IC X 20
  • American Hammers IC X 20

Counted, named, announcements (Iron Pax challenge now going), prayed.

Great work today men, always a pleasure to lead.  Another year in the books, and I can’t imagine life without F3.  Thanks for always pushing me every single time we get together.

The letter ‘d’

  • When: 08/21/2020
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, Lil' Wayne, Door Knob, Corn Fed, Corn Pirate, Purdy Mouth, Goose, Gander, Unicorn, Faulkner, Pyro, Kevorkian, Double Dipper, McRib, Mr Roboto, Morning, Sandbagger, Black Dog, Ingrown, and 1 more. (the yoga girls were walking up and i got distracted)

A pax of 20 posted for a deep dive into the lexicon under the letter D.  After a brief warm up we mosey’d to the convention center for the thang.

Dips, Derkins, Dutch Skaters to the corner then Dirty Hookups and Donkey Kicks.  Duck and Weave to City Hall for Deconstructed Burpees (10 to 6) and Diamond Merkins, Dan Taylors to the next corner for Double Merkin Burpees and Dolly.  Duck and Run to the next corner to finish the Deconstructed Burpees (5 to 1) and Dive Bombers.  Lt Dan to the next corner for Dancing Bears.  Dutch Skate back to the convention center for a repeat of Dips and Derkins.  Pax choice back to the gazebo where we closed.  Good workout to coast into the weekend.

Pleasure to lead as always.


  • When: 08/14/20
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Bomble, Serena, BitCoin, Little Wayne, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Black Dog, Goose, Faulkner

Not sure if it was the confusion over the multiple preblasts, fear of billy goats or the fog that created so many fartsackers, but a smaller than normal Friday pax gathered in the gloom and fog this am to see what was in store. A very strong workout by 10 hearty pax, with the RESPECTful men of F3 outnumbering the young’uns 7-3.

With no FNGs present, the disclaimer was ditched and we jumped right into:


  • Burpees OYOx5
  • SSH 4CICx15
  • Sprinklers 4CICx10
  • Abe Vigodas 4CICx10
  • Went to rail for 5 pull-ups & 10 leg raises OYO, rinse & repeat

The Thang

We moved to the sidewalk behind the gazebo to enter the gazebo ramps via a Bear Crawl up to the center of the gazebo, turn and Crawl Bear back down. Repeated cycle with a Rail Crawl up and back down.

Moved to the steps at the water and did Cuddy Heel Raises OYOx50.

Moseyed to the new pedestrian ramp under the bridge to line up for instructions as follows:


  • Lt. Dan Hurleys across the bridge and back to starting point
  • Bench Merkins – mosey along the sidewalk around Union Pointe Park to stop at each bench to perform Irkins OYOx5, go to next bench for Dirkins OYOx5 and continue alternating cycle around the park (16 benches total as double benches were counted as two)
  • Mosey from flag poles back to bridge and Al Gore for me (the Q6)


  • Lunge Walk flat portion of bridge, Bear Crawl up incline, Crawl Bear to flat and Walk Lunge back to starting point
  • Bench Dips – same circuit to perform Dips OYOx5 at each bench (only one cycle per double bench)
  • Mosey from flag poles back to bridge and Air Press for me (the Q6) – good audible by the pax for that exercise


  • Duck Walk across the bridge and Walk Duck back to starting point
  • Bench Merkins – same as #1, but dropped the 2nd cycle at the double benches
  • Mosey from flag poles back to the bridge and then over to the new piers


  • Coolers 4CICx10, flapjack
  • LBCs OMUx25
  • LSF 4CICx20
  • Box Cutters 4CICx15


Counted, no announcements, The Lord’s Prayer by the pax.

I swear this looked much easier on paper that what actually transpired.

Thanks to Womble for allowing me to switch back to Q and lead this awesome group – always an honor!



F3 Billy Goats Gruff

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park - steps behind the gazebo to start
  • WHEN: 08/14/20 5:15 gather; 5:30 hard start: 6:15 hard stop
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Chilly - 73 & moist
  • WHY: To get our day started right
  • PREVIEW: Sorry for the confusion on the preblasts

Modified Murph at the Point

  • When: 08/07/20
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Goose, Double Dipper, Morning, Serena, Faulkner, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Corn Pirate, Gander, Mr. Roboto, Unicorn

12 men at the Point to modify a workout that normally looks like this:

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 200 Merkins
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

We broke it up and modified slightly to get it done in 45 mins:

  • .8 mile run around park loop
  • 40 Pull-Ups
  • 80 Merkins
  • 120 Squats
  • .6 mile run to river railing
  • 60 Inverted Rows
  • 120 Irkins
  • 180 Lunges
  • .6 mile run back to park
  • 25 Freddies
  • 20 Heel Touches
  • 15 LBCs
  • 10 Plank Dips
  • 5 Burpees