Rinse & Repeat – sort of…

  • When: 10/25/19
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Lil' Wayne, Butterball, Double Dipper, Plan B, Kevorkian, McRib, Sandbagger, Haggis, CornFed, InGrown, Faulkner, BlackDog, FlankSteak, 420, II fingers, Goose, Peeping Tom, BitCoin

A pax of 19 non-fartsackers posted on this most beautiful of mornings to get their day started right and head into the weekend. Being blocked out of Union Point Park, we modified the AO and gathered in the convention center auxiliary parking lot. No FNGs, so we got started.

  • Sprinklers 4CICx10
  • SSH 4CICx20
  • Hairy Rockettes 4CICx10
  • Monkey Humpers 4CICx20
  • Blue Hawaiian around the convention center – the LONGGGG way

The Thang

Gathered back at parking lot and lined up along the parking island for:

  • Burpees OYOx5
  • Merkins OMDx20
  • Backward run to the other end
  • Sumo Squats OYOx10
  • Mosey back to the start line
  • Plank Jacks 4CICx20
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Moseyed over to the convention center for:

  • Burpees OYOx5
  • Merkins OMDx20
  • Bear Crawl across the street
  • Sumo Squats OYOx10
  • Crawl Bear back across the street
  • Plank Jacks 4CICx20
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Mosey to first traffic light on S. Front St and return for:

  • Burpees OYOx5
  • Merkins OMDx20
  • BTTW w/pax count of 5
  • Dips OMDx20
  • Australian Mountain Climbers 4CICx10
  • Dips OMDx20

Mosey to first traffic light on S. Front St and return for:

  • Burpees OYOx5
  • Irkins OMDx20
  • Box Jumps OYOx10
  • Mountain Man Poopers 4CICx20
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Mosey around convention center to find short route blocked by a chain-link fence and return to parking lot for:

  • Burpees OYOx5
  • Merkins OMDx20


  • Freddy Mercuries 4CICx10
  • Starfish Crunches 4CICx20
  • Box Cutters 4CICx20 led by FlankSteak
  • Heel Touches 4CICx20

Gassed & out! Thank you pax for allowing me to lead.

No announcements – YHC closed out in prayer.



Rinse & Repeat

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Friday 10/25/19 gather 5:15; hard start 5:30; hard stop 6:15
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Nippy
  • WHY: To get a little better, each and every day.
  • PREVIEW: Ground Hog Day!

Dora 1-2-3…4-5

  • When: 10/20/19
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Bitcoin, Butterball, Lil Wayne, Two Fingers, Double Dipper, Black Dog, Plan B, Kevorkian, Gander, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Oz, Unicorn

14 strong at The Point for some volume work.  We started with two laps around the short loop to warm up followed by a few baseball stretches for the shoulders and upper back and partnered up:

100 Pull-Ups, Partner B in Plank

200 Merkins, Partner B Sprint between gazebo and hedges

300 Lunges, Partner B runs short loop

Lots of really sad faces when Burpees was called out for the 400 round, just a ruse though.  We paused to stretch the hip flexors on our six and with some quick plyos.

400 Bird-Dogs or Dancing Bears, Partner B short loop

500 Fire Hydrants

We only put a small dent in the hydrants and time got us.  Pyro offered to livestream the remainder of them from his office, didn’t hear anyone ask for that link.

Solid work by all

The Point BackBlast – Cool Hand Luke

  • When: 10/4/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Black Dog (RESPECT), Cornfed, Cuddy (RESPECT), Double Dipper, Faulkner (RESPECT), Gander (RESPECT), Goose, Lil Wayne, Oz, Plan B, Pyro, II Fingers, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Rough & Ready Pax of 13 posted in the morning gloom – no Triskaidekaphobes here – for the weekly iteration of The Point.  Right off the bat, an Omaha was necessary as Union Point Park was blocked off, so we gathered in the Convention Center Overflow Parking lot. Once assembled, we started at the appointed time with Greeting, Mission Statement & Disclaimer.  With a decent workload ahead, YHC quickly began with:


  • SSH, IC, 5x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 7x
  • Michael Phelps, IC, 5x
  • Downward Dog
  • Easy Mosey from Gathering Point to Nautical Wheelers corner for:


YHC gave a brief explanation for the inspiration for today’s beatdown.  Cool Hand Luke is, at its basic level, a prison movie.  Certainly a must see.  In any event, “Prison” was the key element for the morning.  A little trepidation emanated from Pax about “partnering up,” but this was a solitary endeavor.

Round 1

  • At each corner of the block (Craven, Pollock, Middle, S. Front), Pax to perform 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (PCMBs) – Experienced a “Failure to communicate” with Cornfed here, but he eventually got the idea … maybe
  • Prisoner Run (Hands behind head with fingers interlocked) towards next corner
  • At halfway point, Pax to perform 10x 4ct Prisoner Squats (keep hands behind head for the Squat)
  • Continue Prisoner Run until corner is reached
  • LSF at each corner for the 6
  • Rinse & Repeat each item until each of the 4 corners of the block have been successfully negotiated
  • Once back to starting point, LSF, IC, 15x
  • Some Mumble Chatter about YHC and running.  I know, right?  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Round 2

  • Same as Round 1 with certain modifications
  • Modify PCMBs to HRPCMBs (Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpees), 5x
  • Modify Prisoner Squats from 10x 4ct to 15x single count
  • Finished with LSF, IC, 15x
  • Lil Wayne was deputized during this round to keep an eye on Cornfed

Round 3

  • Return to Standard PCMBs, but 3x
  • Modify Prisoner Squats to 10x single count
  • Modify for out and back (Nautical Wheelers to City Hall & back) resulting in a 1/2 block instead of a full block (Pyro really pushing for Mary at this point)
  • Finished with LSF, IC, 15x
  • Mosey back to Gathering Spot (of course, with Jailbreak thrown in for good measure)

MARY (Pyro wants it … well, he gets it.)

  • American Hammers, IC, 20x
  • Dying Cockroach, IC, 20x
  • Freddy Mercurys, IC, 20x
  • Box Cutters, IC, 20x
  • LSF, IC, 20x
  • 100s

With each PCMB requiring 3 Merkins, total Merkins performed = 138.  Please note that Cornfed’s count will be different.  Total squats = 160, with the first set of 4ct squats providing 2 squats per rep.  Again, Cornfed’s count might be different here as well.  Total Ab Exercises = 245 — more for the faster runners who got the chance for bonus LSF while waiting on the 6, not to mention the core work provided by the PCMBs/HRPCMBs.  Total mileage according to Gander’s tracker = 1.59 miles.  Not quite a Fartlek, but not what most Pax were expecting from the QIC either.  You just never know, do you.

Closed with Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Announce-O-Rama with YHC praying us out.  YHC will have an extra ruck & ruck plates for anyone interested in GrowRuck 17.  Prayers for Deuce who suffered an injury Monday.

Fantastic effort put forth by the Pax this morning.  It was both a pleasure and an inspiration to lead this group of men.

Looking forward to cooler weather …

Bitcoin out!

The Point PreBlast

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: 10/4/19 -- Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Dark & Muggy
  • WHY: We do more before 0615 than most do all day
  • PREVIEW: Cool Hand Luke

Shoulders, Legs; same difference

  • When: 09/27/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: @F3FlankSteak, Peeping Tom, Bitcoin, Faulkner, Unicorn, Acolyte, Gander, Goose, Pyro, BubbleGuts, Haggis, Lil Wayne, Oz, StickBuilt, Winthorpe, Plan B, Black Dog, and Double Dipper.

Image result for humidity memes

A strong group of men gathered in the never-ending humidity of ENC for a Point workout.

Warm O Rama:
SSH IC x 15
Pick up your Room, aka Carrot Pickers IC x 10
Micheal Phelps, Shoulder and leg stretches OYO

Mosey to Convention Center wall

The Thang:
HRBBJ’s (Hand Release Burpee Box Jumps)
Round 1: HRBBJ x 1; Squats x 4
Round 7: HRBBJ x 7; Squats x 4

Mosey toward NC History Center

Duck & Weave (Indian Run with Duck walk )

Mosey to NC History Center stairs

Calf Raises on stairs IC x 30

Mosey to Parking Lot

Paula Abdul – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Run Forward 2 Parking Lot medians; HillBilly Squats x 10 each side
Run Back 1 Parking Lot median back

All the way to the road (about 5 rounds of HillBilly squats)

Mosey to NC History Center Stairs

Stairway to Seven (well, Stairway to Six due to poor instructions from YHC)
At bottom step: Burpee x 1; Incline Merkin x 1; run to top step; Bobby Hurley x 1

At bottom step: Burpee x 6; Incline Merkin x 6; run to top step; Bobby Hurley x 6

Mosey back to Gazebo for Mary


Guantanamo x 1 Round
Dolly’s IC x 10
Reverse Gas Pumps IC x 10
Shoulder/Posture Work IC x 15
Lots of mumble chatter about a “hard stop.”

Bitcoin needs a Ruck partner

Closed out in prayer.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead!
-YHC, Sandbagger


  • When: 09/13/2019
  • QIC: Winthorpe
  • The Pax: Peeping Tom, Stick Built, Haggis, Two Fingers, Oz, Cuddy, Lil' Wayne, Kavorkian, Bit Coin, Ingrown, Pyro, Faulkner, Unicorn, Black Dog.

15 brave souls now have shoulders that many dream of having and few have.  A little mumble chatter early about Cam Newtons wardrobe choices and also the upcoming battle between Carolina and the mighty Demon Deacons of Wake Forest.

No FNGs, so we jumped right in with a mosey back to OUR meeting spot at the Gazebo:


  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Slow Windmills X 14 IC
  • Sungods while balancing on 1 leg X10 forward and back IC

The Thang 1

  • Exercise 1 – Side Plank to Merkins X 10 IC – Hold Plank for
  • Exercise 2 – Shoulder Taps X 10 IC – Hold Plank for
  • Exercise 3 – Raised Leg Merkins X 10 IC – Stand Up for
  • Exercise 4 – Overhead Press X 20 IC – Back to Plank for
  • Exercise 5 – Plank Extensions X 10 IC

Recover and a short mosey (because I wanted to, not because you told me to) to the wall in front of the Convention Center for:

The Thang 2

  • Exercise 1 – Ranger Merkins X 10 IC
  • Exercise 2 – Carolina Dry Dock X 10 IC
  • Exercise 3 – Pike Shoulder Press with Feet on the Wall X 10 IC
  • Exercise 4 – Plank Lean forward – slow 10 Count

Rinsed and repeated

Moved to the covered area for everyone to have a spot on a taller wall for:

  • BTW Squats (Start in standing position with back to wall.  First move is squat, second move is BTW, third move is squat and fourth move is jump up.  X 10 IC
  • Ascending Testicles – Started in Plank and QIC called out 10, 30, 45 and 90 degrees and hold BTW for 10 count.

Moseyed down the road to the corner for:

  • American Hammers X 20 IC
  • LBC X 25 IC

Moseyed back to the short wall for a Raccoon Crawl.

That brought us back to the covered area for another round of

  • BTW Squats X TB12
  • Descending Testicles – Started in BTW and went to 45, 37.5, 10 degrees and hold plank for 5 count.
  • Q’s choice from Plank – 5 Merkins OYO – Hold Plank, 5 Carolina Dry Docks OYO – Hold Plank, 5 Werkins OYO – Hold Plank, 5 Diamond Merkins   Recover.

Moseyed back to the Flags for


  • Box Cutters X 20 IC
  • Low Slow Flutter X TB12 IC
  • Round 1 of 007’s – Car interruption and Unicorn social time with passers by
  • Round 2 of 007’s
  • Hip Flexer and Lower Back stretches.
  • Plank hold for 90 seconds.

Counted off, name-o-rama and gathered for COT.

Left with a prayer for those still effected by the Hurricane.

As Lil’ Wayne likes to (almost mockingly) say … “you guys are doing great.”

Thanks for the push this morning and always … getting better in mind, body and spirit slowly but surely.

Go Deacs!

Winthorpe out!