Opposing Supersets at The Point

  • When: 08/16/19
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Bitcoin, Sandbagger, Pulp, Stick-Built, McRib, Agent P, Lattice, Doorknob, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Bubble Guts, Peeping Tom, Stye, Faulkner, Tree Frog, Gander, WinthorpE, Blue Hawaiian, Oz, Plan B, Unicorn

23 showed at The Point despite an ominous forecast including three new faces, Pulp (Greenville) and FNGs Agent P and Lattice.  Happy to have all three!

We warmed up with SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca, Barrel Jumps and a mosey across the street before a progressive sprint and mosey to the back of the Convention Center.


Wide Merkins and Overhanded Inverted Rows x 14 each followed by Freddie Mercury aka Cockgobblers x 14;

Regular Merkins and Underhanded Inverted Rows x 14 each followed by Dying Cockroaches x 14;

Ranger Merkins x 14 and Pole Dancing x 10 each side followed by LBCs x 28;

Rinse and Repeat.

We exited the way we arrived and did a backwards run with sprint back to flagpoles and continued the Supersets:

Heel Elevated Squats on curb x 20/Lunges with twist across field.

Two Rounds of Carolina Choo-Choo, Monkey Humpers x 20 IC, Plank Dips x 20 IC, Fire Hydrants x 15 IC each side.

New guys looked like they’d been practicing, solid work by them and all!

Let’s say we average 16 guys per workout.  If you’re coming twice a week you should be q’ing once every two months, let’s all pitch in more before y’all piss McRib off, not to mention i can’t handle too many more of Sandbagger’s workouts.



  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Pyro, DoorKnob, BitCoin, Stye, Tree Frog, Blue Hawaiian, Plan B, Faulkner, Black Dog, Bubble Guts, Morning, StickBuilt, Unicorn, Oz

A pax of 15 posted this am to get their day started with the F3 family down by the river. I sure do miss Matt Foley.

Apparently, a healthy dose of beans and fiber were on the Thursday night menu. No FNGs, so we got started:


  • SSH 4CICx16
  • Imperial Squat Walkers 4CICx10
  • Sun Gods 4CICx10, reverso
  • Baseball Stretches
  • Downward Dog

The Thang

We moseyed from the flagpoles to the traffic circle field where the pylon-discy-marker-thingys were placed to created our workout parameters of a middle PDMT and 4 outer PDMTs that created a large rectangle. We circled around the middle PDMT and followed this sequence of exercises. After each exercise sequence, we moved around the four outer PDMTs by always facing the river which meant forward run, right defensive slide, backward run, left defensive slide.

  • Guantanamo, reverso
  • Mosey around cones
  • Suzanne Somers 4CICx30, flapjack
  • AYG around cones
  • Wave of Merkins – count up to 5
  • Mosey around cones
  • Wave of Merkins – count up to 5 – I think we almost got it right on this try
  • AYG around cones
  • Circle Burps
  • Mosey around cones
  • Aiken Legs – 20 squats, 20 squat jumps, 20 lunges, 20 Iron Mikes
  • AYG around cones

We then moved to the end PDMTs and split into 2 lines for an Inch Bear Crawled to the far end PDMTs. Then we Inch Crawl Beared back to starting point. One more lap around the cones. Mosey back to the flagpoles.

*** Side note: I cut the plan short by 3 cycles due to timing – Fire Drill, Global Warming & Circle of Leg Raises (Mirror of the Circle of Merkins). Amazing how when one Q’s, you run out of time. But some days, you wonder why the Q is still going at 2 hours… or at least it seems.


  • LBCs SCICx30 OMU
  • LSF 4CICx10? – lost count as I was focused on BitCoin’s energetic counting
  • Dolly 4CICx10?

No announcements. YHC closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

After COT, I took the time to take the photo posted above. I also had the thought that we are probably blessed to have the most unique and beautiful AO in all of NC. I don’t want to sound boastful, just recognizing what is offered to us each day.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!



Pre-Sasquatch – The Point Backblast

  • When: 07/26/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: 420, 210, Double Dipper, Lil Dipper, Ingrown, Unicorn, Mr. Roboto, Cuddy, Plan B, Doorknob, Schrute, McRib, Goose, Black Dog, Kevorkian, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Pyro, StickBuilt, and Stye.

We got a little warm-up in for our friends heading to Sasquatch tomorrow. Beautiful weather at the Point this morning.

Warm O Rama:

Lap around the park


Plank/Stretches OYO

Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

Burpee Dans across the field and back –

Round 1: 1 Burpee; 4 lunges

Round 2: 2 Burpees; 4 lunges

Round 3: 3 Burpees; 4 lunges

(intermission due to much mumble chatter)

Headed over to Convention Center wall for Black Jack

1 jump squat on the wall; 20 carolina dry docks on other side of street

2 jump squat; 19 carolina dry docks…you get the idea

Not sure if anyone hit Black Jack before YHC shut it down.

Mosey back to the Point for Quarter Pounder

Sprint 25 yards; 25 Merkins; Backward run to the start

Sprint 50 yards; 50 Squats; Backward run to the start

Sprint 75 yards; 75 Hillbillies/Mtn Climbers; Backward run to the start

Sprint 100 yards; 100 SSH; Backward run to the start

(resume 4th quarter of Burpee Dans) –

4 Burpees; 4 Lunges


Punch -Up Merkins 10 IC

Nolan Ryan’s 10 IC

Randy Johnson’s 10 IC

Global Warming with 1 Bobby Hurley mixed in

Announcements – same day registration will be available at Sasquatch tomorrow. Good luck to the New Bern crew that will be representing us!

Closed out in prayer. I enjoyed leading the group this am.




The Point BB: 4 stops

  • When: 07/19/2019
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Oz, Unicorn, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Mr. Roboto, Stick Built, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Morning, Bitcoin, Acolyte, Pyro, Black Dog, Stye, Goose, Gander, Cuddy, Door Knob, Double Dipper, McRib (QIC)

20 strong posted for the best view YHC is aware of for an AO.  Here’s what went down.


  • Windmills IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • Helicopters IC X 10
  • Michael Phelps IC X 10
  • Downward Dog into Upward Dog


  • Stop one (in field between flags and yoga) – 30 WWI OYO mosey to corner at entrance
  • Stop two – Curb tempo Merkins – right hand on curb IC X 10, Feet on Curb IC X 10, Left hand on curb IC X 10, sprint to corner and pick up rock (rip rap)
  • Stop three – Rock sumo squats OYO X 30 – back straight let rock touch ground.  Mosey to swing set border
  • Stop four – tempo dips IC X 20, spring back to stop one

Rinse and repeat X 4, last round of Curb tempo Merkins IC X 6 – 2 sets, stop three was 30 squat jumps, stop 4 tempo dips IC X 25. Mosey back to field for


  • Sun gods F/R IC X 10
  • Dying cockroach IC X 20 (4 count)
  • Heel touches IC X 20
  • LBCs OMU X 50
  • American Hammers IC X 25 facing sunrise

YHC closed in prayer, Stye on for birthday Q tomorrow at the Bear.

Great work this morning by all, always an honor to lead.  See, I told you you’d feel better afterwards.

McRib out – dont’ be a LTO.



The Point PB: 4 stops

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: 07.19.2019 Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: July in ENC.
  • WHY: Because you know you'll feel better afterwards
  • PREVIEW: Just 4 stops.

The Point – Return to the Field Diverted

  • When: 07/11/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Oz, 2 Fingers, Bitcoin, Plan B, Kevorkian, Gander, Stye, Tree Frog, Double Dipper, Blue Hawaiian, Pyro, Black Dog, Lil’ Wayne, Cuddy(QIC)

13 men and Stye’s 2.0 gathered at Union Point on this stormy Friday morning. The with no FNG’s we started off in the light drizzle with …

Sun Gods X10 IC 4CT
Windmills x 12 IC 4CT
Hillbillies x 12 IC 4CT
CottonPickers x 12 IC 4CT
With the rain picking up we relocated to the covered area in front of the convention center where we continued with Downward Dog calf stretches.

With the storm increasing in intensity we stayed at the covered area and did a series of 20 Squats, Lunges, Merkins, & Imperial Walkers. When the rain let up some we headed for the field but diverted when another heavy band of rain emerged and we made our way to the covered area at the Galley Store where we did Squats, Lunges, Merkins, & Calf Raises. Seeking a change of scenery, we moved to the covered area next to the building where we did People’s Chair, BTW, Squats, Lunges, WWII’s, & American Hammers. With a break in the heavy rain and being short on time, we Moseyed back to the front of the convention center for a Raccoon Crawl, Sumo Squats, Dips, Irkins, & Derkins. With the heavy rain continuing, we stayed at the covered area for…

Box Cutters x 20 IC 4CT
LBC x 40
Various Stretches

We ended with announcements, and a short prayer. It is always an honor to lead this group.
Morning is on Q for the Bear and we need Q’s for next week.