The Point – Rainy Days Backblast

  • When: 09/25/2020
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: Pyro, Unicorn, Corn Pirate, Serena, Erin Brockovich, Polyp, Gander, Goose, Double Dipper, Lil Dipper, Mr Roboto, Butterball, Two Fingers, Lil Wayne, Bomble, Cuddy, Faulkner, Flank Steak, Morning, Plan B, and Bitcoin

22 men put in some good work at the Point this am.

Warm O Rama:

Bat Wings IC x10

Air Presses IC x10

Mosey to Convention Center wall – finish up warm o rama with a few leg stretches

The Thang:

Aiken Legs OYO

Mosey to History Center for Doracides

Round 1 – Burpee suicides (up to 3 burpees), 100 Dive Bombers

Round 2 – more Burpee suicides, 200 Bolt 45’s

Round 3 – yep, more Burpee suicides, 300 Plank Jacks

Round 4 – Burpee suicides, 400 Imperial Walkers

Mosey back to Convention Center wall

Another 1/2 round of Aiken Legs, back to the gazebo


Bay City Scissors IC x10 (PAX struggled with the count…)

2 point planks


Mr Roboto – you do NOT need permission to Q, start a Black Ops, gather the PAX for non-F3 events, etc…

If you’re interested in Q’ing but want help just let the PAX know – we can partner up

Closed out in prayer.




  • When: 09/24/2020
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Faulkner, Goose, Pyro

Rabbit of Caerbannog | Villains Wiki | Fandom


That…was painful.  3 men rounded out the final week of the IronPax challenge.  All in 41 minutes or less.  Watch out: Murder Bunnies coming to an AO near you…

I’m thankful for the fitness, fellowship, and accountability from the last 5 weeks.  Go out Saturday and give it a try!

See Preblast for workout deets:




  • WHAT: IronPax Challenge 2020- Week 4
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather *0520* to Assist with Setup, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 57F and cloudy
  • WHY: Close out the IronPax challenge strong.

    • 2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 4 Murder Bunnies

      See video embedded in the post.

      Meet at 0520 hours to set up the course at Union Point Park, the Trent River field next to the Gazebo.

      Text me (252-670-6023) if joining.

      ***BRING YOUR OWN COUPON (aka Cinderblock- 35-pound weight minimum is the goal)***


      THE THANG:   1 Round For Time

      10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
      Murder Bunny 25yds
      25 Thruster
      Return to the goal line with your block

      10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
      Murder Bunny 50yds
      50 Alternating block merkins
      Return to the goal line with your block

      10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
      Murder Bunny 75yds
      75 Curl Presses
      Return to the goal line with your block

      10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
      Murder Bunny 100yds
      100 Block Windshield Wipers
      Return to the goal line with your block
      10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)

      Standard for the Block Windshield Wipers:
      Sitting in the American Hammer position. Place block vertical (tall ways) directly in front of you. Starting with feet together on one side of the block, raise your feet over the block and touch your heels on the ground. That’s 1 rep. Back and forth each heel tap is a rep. Torso needs to be at approx 45deg angle from ground, knees bent, hands can brace ground or float in the air.

      Standard for the Alternating Block Merkins:
      Start with left hand on the block, right hand on the ground, perform 1 merkin. Then switch hands, right hand on the block and left hand on the ground and perform one merkin. Together it is 1 rep. 50 reps ultimately you’re doing 100 merkins.

      Standard for the Murder Bunnies:
      Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart with block longways between them. Bend over and grab the block, lift it a few inches off the ground and move it fwd until you can’t reach. Then, put the block down, transition your weight to the block(thru your hands) and hop (think burpee) your feet back to where they are on either side of the block.

      Standard for the Burpee Block Jump Overs:
      Starting beside the block, perform a burpee, then jump (left or right) over the block. This equals 1 rep. Flapjack left and right over the block for 10 reps.

      Standard for the Curl Press:
      Start holding the block in the down position directly in front of your waist. Curl the block to your chest. At the top of the curl, transition to an Overhead Press. Press the block vertical until your arms are fully extended with your head between your arms. Once at the top, lower the block to the top of the curl and then back to the starting position.


Casino Games, Part 1

  • When: 09/18/2020
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Faulkner, Mr. Roboto, Black Dog, Peepin' Tom, Stick Built, Serena, Bitcoin, Double Dipper, Goose, Unicorn, Plan B, McRib, Pyro.

14 Men Audibled to the Convention Center Overflow Parking Lot since Union Point was closed.  Fortunately, this workout was short on structured plans and long on how the cards turned…


SSH IC x 15

Peter Parkers- Abe Vigoda Style (1-2-3 count left knee to left elbow, recover, 1-2-3 count right knee to right elbow, recover) IC x 20

The Thang:

Today’s workout brought to you by the F3 Workout Deck- Waterproof Beatdown Box Card Deck (Purchase Here!-

These cards are indeed waterproof (of sweat) and provide a hefty beatdown.  Card shuffling was observed and Unicorn cut the deck to reduce any concerns for a stacked deck.  Remember though, the house always wins.

We moseyed behind the convention center for roughly 1/4 of the deck, then to the cul-de-sac at the end of Craven St, where there was a quick scramble for an oncoming car; fortunately, a false alarm (Turn signals!)

Then on to City Hall, where the mumblechatter appropriately noted how this had become a (high-rep) legs workout.

Our last stop was Craven & S. Front St., where the deck began repeating, so we finished with 15 Irkins (Sorry Faulkner and Goose!).



Rosalitas IC x 15

6 inches x 30 seconds, 4 inches x 30 seconds

Box cutters IV x 25



Mr. Roboto on The Bear with the Iron Pax Challenge Week #3

Pyro on The Fartlek for more Casino Games


  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 74, probs wet
  • WHY: Why not?
  • PREVIEW: Weather-directed randomized exercise opportunities...


  • WHAT: IronPax Challenge 2020- Week 3
  • WHERE: The Point
  • WHEN: Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Soft Stop 0615 (or when finished)
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Well...73F with 70% chance of Thunderstorms.
  • WHY: Participating in the IronPax Challenge is good for you.

    • 2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 3 – Keep it Simple Stupid


      Here’s the video, but do you need it?  This is running, Merkins, and Squats.


      K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

      Set Up:
      You need 400m measured that starts and ends at same spot.   (Pyro will mark this out with cones on the pavement)
      All work will be performed at that spot.

      Total time to complete the workout below.

      The time begins with the start of the first 400m run and ends at the conclusion of the 800m run.  (See *** below)

      The THANG:


      Run 400m
      100 merkins
      Run 400m
      90 squats
      Run 400m
      80 merkins
      Run 400m
      70 squats
      Run 400m
      60 merkins
      Run 400m
      50 squats
      Run 400m
      40 merkins
      Run 400m
      30 squats
      Run 400m
      20 merkins
      Run 400m
      10 squats
      ***Run 800m***


      Total work is 3 miles of running, 300 merkins, and 250 squats.

      Exercise Standards:
      *Run – Run as fast as you can. One ice cream New Balance in front of the other.
      *Merkin –  Body in straight line at all times.  Chest to ground, arms fully extended at top.
      *Squat – Weight on heels.  Squats need to be parallel or below.  Chest facing forward.  Clear hips at the top (stand straight up).  No hands on knees.

Never Forget

  • When: 09/11/2020
  • QIC: Morning
  • The Pax: Faulkner, Goose, Polyp, Lil Wayne, Peeping Tom, Blackdog, Plan B, Sandbagger, Gander, Corn pirate, Serena, Unicorn, Ingrown, Stickbuilt, Door knob, Pyro, Bomble, II Fingers, Morning

A strong showing of 20 on a very foggy, humid 9/11 Friday. No FNGs and off we went.


  • SSHs x30 IC
  • SGs x15 ea direction IC
  • Carrott Pickers x 15 IC
  • Abe Vigodas x 15 IC
  • Downward/upward dog
  • Standard, elbow plank x 1 min


  • Mosey to convention center
    • 9 burpees, 11 Merkins
    • Raccoon walk
    • Bulgarian split squats x 20 ea leg
    • Dips x 25
  • Mosey around back of hotel to Craven
    • 9 burpees, 11 merkins
    • Crunchy frogs x 20 IC
    • AHs x 30 IC
  • Mosey to town hall
    • 9 burpees, 11 merkins
    • Partner up
      • A: Travoltas, right side down
      • B: Bear crawl across Craven and back
      • Switch roles
      • A: Travoltas, left side down
      • B: Lung walk across Craven and back
      • Switch roles
  • Mosey to end of Pollock St
    • 9 burpees, 11 merkins
    • Partner up
      • A: Plank jacks x 50 double count
      • B: Fire hydrants – L leg
      • Switch roles
      • A: Mtn climbers x 30 double count
      • B: Fire hydrants – R leg
      • Switch roles
  • Mosey back to Union point
    • People’s chair – 5ct down the line and back
    • Balls to wall – 5ct down the line


  • 9 Burpies, 11 merkins
  • LBCs x 50

Counted, Name-a-rama.

May we never forget the significance of 9/11 and those we lost.