The Fartlek – Preparing for the 4th

  • When: 07/01/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Oz, 2 Fingers, Pyro, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Sand Bagger, Sputnik, Cuddy(QIC)

8 men gathered on this muggy Monday morning. With no FNGs we started right away with….

Windmills x 12 IC, 4 CT
Imperial Walkers x 12, IC 4 CT
Michael Phelps x 12, 4 CT
Cotton Pickers x 12 IC 4CT
Downward dog calf stretches

We moseyed to Camelia Road and did 15 Merkins & 15 Squats, before continuing to the Trent Woods Office Suites. There we did 15 Merkins, Burpies, and Squats. We followed with an Indian Run to Meadows Park stopping at the entrance to Bellfern for 20 Box Cutters. At the park we…..Lunged to end, 10 Merkins, Carioca back; then Lt. Daned to end, 10 Merkins, Carioca back.
We then ran to the entrance to the club with the faster runners looping back several times for the 6. At the entrance we did 20 Squats before AYG run to the brick wall. There we did 20 Dips IC, 20 Irkins IC and 75 Calf Raises (50 for those that attended 420’s Bear where we did 200).

Low Slow Flutter x 15 IC 4CT

We closed with Name-O-Rama (Thank you Oz for the prompt), Announcements, and a short Prayer.

We covered about 3 miles with faster group doing more with the loopbacks. It’s always an honor to lead this group.

Fartlek Backblast

  • When: 06/24/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Plan B, Sandbagger, Sputnik, Winthorpe

After a week of vacation, it was Back in the Saddle for your Q today with a small group of 6 this morning.  We started with a Blue Hawaii lap, then did high knees x 10 IC, sun gods x 10 IC, cotton pickers x 10 IC and mountain climbers x 10 IC.  We then did:

2 long Blue Hawaii laps.  After each lap, a set of mini-BLIMPS (5 Burpees, 10 lunges, 10 imperial walkers, 10 Merkens, 10 plankjacks and 10 squats) were done.

We then moseyed over to the bottom of the hill, where we completed 5 runs up (and down) the hill, followed by 15 burpees, followed by 3 backwards runs up/forwards run down the hill, followed by 10 Burpees.

We then moseyed over to one of the new and improved speed bumps next to the wall, where we started a set of 11’s.  1 Merken, run to Country Club entrance, 10 squat jumps, run back to speed bump, 2 Merkens, and so on and so forth.  We ran out of time before we were able to complete that set, but most of us were able to get 80-90% done.

Good work.  Special prayer for Winthorpe and congratulations on his 20th wedding anniversary.  Enjoy Jamaica!

The Fartlek & Some History

  • When: 06/17/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Oz, Unicorn, Black Dog, Faulkner, Winthorp, Plan B, Gander, Peeping Tom, 2 Fingers, Bonnie, West Point (FNG), Cuddy (QIC)

12 men including one FNG Jace Brinson (aka West Point and Bonnie’s 2.0) gathered on this warm and humid morning to start their week with a run, a few exercises, and some history. After stating the mission and disclaimer we started right away with….

SSH x 25 IC, 4 CT
Hillbillies x 13, IC 4 CT
Windmills x 11 IC 4CT
Cotton Pickers x 12 IC 4CT
Downward Dog Calf Stretches

We moseyed to Garber parking lot where we YHC reminded the group that the battle of Bunker Hill occurred on this day in 1775. (A Pyrrhic victory for the British.)
Sprinted length and did 15 Merkins OYO
Sprinted length and did 30 Squats OYO
Sprinted length and did 15 Werkins OYO
Sprinted length and did 30 Sumo Squats OYO

We then did an Indian Run (The Indians fought with the British during the revolutionary war) to Meadows Park via Holly Ridge Road with a few stops added. Stop #1 – 17 Merkins (Representing the # of British officers killed) Stop # 2 – 30 Merkins (Representing the # of patriot’s captured). Once at the park we immediately started our return via a snake run (It seemed appropriate given the revolutionary war theme) We stopped once more to do 20 Merkins (representing the # of patriots who died in captivity after the battle.) Once we reached Country Club Road, we did a Prisoner March to the golf course and then AYG to the parking lot.

Calf Raises – 105
Low Slow Flutter x 20 IC 4Ct
Freddie Mercury X 10 IC 4CT.

We closed with Name-O-Rama, Announcements, and a short Prayer

In sum, we covered about 3 miles (more for those that looped back) and did 341 exercises to represent the 115 Patriots and 226 British troops that died in the battle. It’s always an honor to lead this group.

Today’s Fartlek

  • When: 06/10/19
  • QIC: 420
  • The Pax: Goose, Gander, Stye, 420, Lil Wayne, Oz, Sandbagger, Kevorkian, Sputnik, Plan B, Peeping Tom, WinthorpE

12 gathered this morning for the latest installation of The Fartlek.  Having Q’d this exact workout once before YHC thought he knew how it would go; however the thickness of the air made a difference.  We started with:

Cotton Pickers IC x15; SSH’s IC x25; Downward Dog OYO; Oz Stretches OYO

Snake run the long way around Garber and back to the Garber lot for some laps:

Lap #1 Sprint 1st leg of parking lot and mosey last three legs back to the start-then 30 Sumo Squats

Lap#2 Sprint 2 legs and mosey 2 legs-then 20 merkins

Lap#3 Sprint 3 legs and mosey 1 leg-then 10 Burpees

Scout Run down Country Club and around Garber and back for Round 2:

Rinse and Repeat

Plan for Round three was scrapped due more to breathing issues than due to time so we mosey back to the Club lot for an extended Mary:

Low Slow Flutter IC x25; Dying Cockroaches x50, a set of 100’s, Monkey Humpers ICx20, American Hammers IC (by Sputnik) x30.

Name-A-rama and closed in Prayer.  thanks to everyone today-great way to start the week.  As always it’s an honor to lead.


The Fartlek

  • WHAT: The Fartlek
  • WHEN: 6/10/19 Gather 5:25 Hard Start 5:30 AM Hard Stop 6:15
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Humid and Warm
  • WHY: Because we run on Mondays


  • When: 06/03/19
  • QIC: Winthorpe
  • The Pax: Kevorkian, Gander, Unicorn, Peeping Tom, Morning, Black Dog, Plan B, Sputnik, OZ

10 gathered in the gloom to find out what a sleve is … however, it was never explained.  Some understood the meaning of the Pre-Blast while others will never know. (I found the Edit button)  With no FNG’s we jumped right in.

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Various leg stretches.
  • Sun Gods x 10 IC frontward/backwards
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Down Dog  calf stretches OYO

We took off running out of the club driveway and took a left towards the office complex known as the Trent Woods Office Suites.  We did some exercises here …

  • Dirt Kissers x 14 (From downward dog, move forward with your face towards the ground in front of your hands)
  • Diamond Merkins x 12
  • Single Leg Merkins x 8 each leg

Run to the Town Hall

  • Side Plank to Chilcut x 10 each arm
  • Plank to Chilcut without moving your hand position x 10
  • Staggered Hand Merkins x 8 each arm

Run to the Trent Woods Park

  • Back Shoulder Press x 10 (Laying on your back with arms straight out to the side, lift your head, shoulders and elbows off the ground and hold for a 5 count)
  • Dips x 15 OYO
  • Side Merkins x 10 each side

Run back to the club parking lot.

We didn’t have time for Mary today, but I didn’t have a single complaint about that.

No announcements.   Props to Sputnik for doing the whole workout with a 20 Lb Ruck Pack!

Q took the group out in prayer.

Enjoyed the push this morning.

Eye!  Winthorpe


  • When: 05/27/19
  • QIC: Oz
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Black Dog, Plan B, Morning, Oz

5 this morning like my impromptu workout with my nieces, nephew and younger son on Saturday evening where Andale, Rocky, Over the Top and Meow Meow were named.  The kids led me in Kitty Jacks, Boat Trailer Craws, Yard Sprints, Beach Chair Jumps, and more.  I added in some Merkins, Burpees and Imperial Walkers and we called it an evening.  This morning was equally rewarding.  Was just glad few joined me on this Memorial Day where we remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


4 loops around both Garber parking lots and 4 around the Ministry Center Parking with 8 stops each for descending numbers (8,7,6…) of

Merkins, E2K, Monkey Humpers, Outlaw, Ranger Merkins, Imperial Walkers, American Hammers, Lunges

Closed in Prayer

Loops (Deja Vu)

  • When: 05/20/19
  • QIC: Goose
  • The Pax: Oz, Lil Wayne, 2 Fingers, Sandbagger, Winthorpe, Faulkner, Plan B, Kevorkian, Unicorn, Goose (QIC)

10 men gathered.  No FNG’s.  Mission Statement given (some say perfectly).   Then the Deja Vu started kicking in for some…


SSH x 20 4CT

Cotton Pickers x 10 4CT

Imperial Walkers x 15 4CT

Sun Gods x 10 4CT (Forward and Reverse)

Pigeon and Quad Stretches – OYO

Downward Dog and Upward Dog stretches


We moseyed to the Garber Ministry Center parking lot.  Lined up and sprinted the length of the parking lot, did 10 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Squats IC.

Snake Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.

Returned to parking lot.  Sprinted to the end, did 10 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Lunges OYO (10 each leg).

Indian Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.

Returned to parking lot. Sprinted to the end, did 5 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Squats OYO.

Scout Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.  Imperial Walker exercise by lead.

Returned to parking lot. Sprinted to the end, did 15 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Lunges OYO (10 each leg).

All You Got (AYG) Run  on the road looping around Ministry Center.  Stopped at Stop sign (waited for Oz, 2 fingers and Lil Wayne to catch up with the PAX).  Moseyed back to the NBGCC entrance and then an AYG to the parking lot.

Mary (not):

We circled up for Announcements and Name-O-Rama.  No time for Mary.  We prayed it out.  Good work by all.  Thank you Cuddy for the Q inspiration last week.  If your not a Q’er, do what I did…find a workout performed by someone else and then Rinse and Repeat.  Thank you guys for allowing me to lead…Need more Q’s.