Ruck It PreBlast – Let’s Ruck

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Flags
  • WHEN: Monday, April 20, 2020 - Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Might be rainy - Really doesn't matter
  • WHY: Cardio-Vascular every day keeps Covid-19 away
  • PREVIEW: Depends on who/how many show up.

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30 lbs.

Little Dipper B-Day Q! Ruck-it

  • When: 03/30/20
  • QIC: Little Dipper
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Bitcoin

**Help celebrate Little Dipper’s 10 birthday by driving by his house and honking anytime today! (1616 Rhem Ave)**

Three men posted this morning for the premiere of Little Dipper as Q…on his 10th birthday!  Keeping six feet apart, we began with the disclaimer and immediately went into:


SSH 4CIC x 10; Frankensteins 4CIC x 10; High Knees x 20; Sun gods 4CIC x 10 fwd/rev

The Thang:

We began with two laps around Union Point Park and then headed downtown with stops for:

-Stop 1: Ruck curls x 10

-2: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15

-3: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15, Ruck Kettlebell Swings x 20

-4: Ruck curls x 10, Overhead ruck press x 15, Ruck Kettlebell Swings x 20, Ruck bench press x 25

Count off, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayer

It was our pleasure to lead! Stay well.

Ruck It BackBlast – Me Time

  • When: 03/23/20
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: N/A

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

If only one Pax shows up for Ruck It, does it still count?

Not sure about question 1, but as for the second, the answer is “Yes.”  And here is the BackBlast to make it official.

YHC posted in the gloom this morning – a little cool, a little foggy – for a planned Indian Ruck (with a twist).  As there were no other Pax present, a quick bit of creativity was summoned, as one cannot do an Indian Ruck by one’s self.  It was like my own little bit of self-isolation.  Undeterred by thoughts of returning home and back to the Fartsack, YHC proceeded with:


  • 1 Lap around Union Point Park Block w/ Ruck
  • 1 Lap around Union Point Park Block w/ Ruck & 40lb Sandbag
  • Gazebo for UnRucked Pullups, 10x
  • Rinse & Repeat until Hard Stop

Was able to get 5 iterations of this cycle done.  Foot (and hamstrings, and quads) still bothering me from last Friday’s Sprint-Fest, so I was not able to ruck as fast as normal.  10 total laps (roughly 2 miles) and 50 total Pullups.

Take care out there.

Bitcoin, out!

Ruck It PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park Gazebo
  • WHEN: Monday, March 23, 2020: Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: mid-50s, chance of rain
  • WHY: Social Distancing to be enforced - you'll love it
  • PREVIEW: Indian Ruck with a twist

    • Minimum Ruck Weight – 30 lbs

Ruck It Back Blast – May I Have Another?

  • When: 03/16/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: McRib, Mr. Roboto, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 3 posted this morning at the appointed time and place.  Mission Statement was rendered by the Q.  As it was a bit nippy by the river, we rucked up and moved out smartly in an effort to find a spot out of the wind.  Upon arrival at said spot, we got started in earnest.  Theme of the day … High Number of Reps.  Each exercise was performed by a single Pax in rotating fashion until the total number of reps were performed.  A CDC-approved/Socially responsible distance was maintained among the Pax throughout the morning.

  • Ruck Swings, 450x, Performed in rotating sets of 30 reps, Each Pax did 150 total reps
  • Overhead Ruck Press, 450x, Performed in rotating sets of 30 reps, Each Pax did 150 total reps
  • Ruck Curls, 300x, Performed in rotating sets of 30 reps, with last round being 10 reps per Pax, Each Pax did 100 total reps

Quick ruck back to starting point for the last exercise with about a minute left:

  • Rucked Up Squats, IC, 30x

Hard Stop @ 0615

Stats:  Each Pax did 12,000 lbs of work (excluding Squats) this morning — 400 total reps X 30 lbs = 12,000.  12,000 lbs per Pax yields 36,000 lbs in total.  In other words, 18 tons o’ fun for our little group.


Ruck It BackBlast – Be Blessed, Sleep Less

  • When: 03/09/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Gander, Bitcoin (QIC)

A 3-Pax posted in the Gloom this morning (hopefully the last of the “winter-type” mornings), ready to get their ruck on.  YHC did not observe any lingering effects from the lost hour of sleep due to the DST time change.  Hard Start at 0530 with YHC providing the Mission Statement and Disclaimer and then we took off.

First Stop:  Convention Center Gazebo

  •  Overhead Ruck Press, OMU, 25x
  • Ruck Curls, OMU, 25x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, OMU, 25x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 25x
  •  Ruck Plank, 1 min.

Continue route down by the river (Chris Farley’s SNL character, Matt Foley, given a quick shout out here).  Second Stop:  Behind Sky Sail

  • Overhead Ruck Press, OMU, 25x
  • Ruck Curls, OMU, 25x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, OMU, 25x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 25x
  • Ruck Plank, 1 min.
  • Had a Kevorkian sighting here.  Evidently, his vehicle was blocked in and therefore he could not get out and post to The Fartlek.  Providing a good example for all, he decided to get in some OYO mileage.

Continued rucking with Third Stop:  Corner of Hancock & Broad.

  • Ruck Swings, OMU, 25x
  • Overhead Ruck Press, OMU, 25x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 25x
  • Ruck Squats, OMD, 25x
  • Ruck Plank, 1 min.

Continued rucking at a brisk pace through historic, downtown New Bern and returned to our starting point for a hard stop at 0615.

Approx. 2.1 miles and lots of work on our Ruck Carrying Group.  YHC closed in prayer.

Flanksteak continues his “Q for the week” at Bushwood on Wednesday.

Bitcoin out!

Ruck it!!!

  • When: 03/02/2020
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, McRib, Mr. Roboto

I think it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post to a workout (for a variety of excuses, some legit, some not so much) and this morning, 5am was feeling EARLY. I made it safely to the AO, but if we’re being honest here, and since Double Dipper already said he and Gander (ahem!) were going to the Fartlek, I was hoping no one else was going to show so that I could sleep it out in the car for the duration of the “workout”. I can only imagine one of New Bern’s finest knocking on my window to see what was going on. And with the way my night went, he/she probably would have showed up about 10 minutes into my slumber instead of the 45 minutes I would be hoping for. Turns out there was no encounter with law enforcement, but my dreams were dashed none the less; 2 others showed up to ruck this morning.

So we rucked around town for a little while with occasional stops for exercises. 2 1/4 miles.

Exercises consisted of:

  • Incline Merkins x30 SC + x20 SC
  • Calf Raises x40 OYO
  • Squats x20 SC + 20 SC
  • Long Plank with Merkins interspersed. Not nearly 8 days.
  • Step Ups x10 each leg OYO
  • Maybe a few more

Concluded with count-a-rama, name-a-rama, and prayer-a-rama.

Turns out, as the case has been every single other time, no matter how hard it is to get up and go on any given morning, going was the best decision I could have made. I was engaged mentally, emotionally, and phyiscally thanks to the conversation and the leadership of today’s Q. Humble brag? Be stronger than your strongest excuse; F3 is always a great start to the day. And a streak starts with 1, right? See you Wednesday. No OYO.

Mr. Roboto