Strollin’ Backblast

  • When: 09/14/20
  • QIC: Purty Mouth
  • The Pax: @F3FlankSteak, Mr. Roboto, Bitcoin, McRib, Black Dog, Doorknob

It was a lovely morning for a stroll downtown. Today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Florence, so it felt like a good time for me to experience my inaugural Q. Seven men posted, two for their first Ruck It

With rucks on, we headed down East Front Street, meandering through downtown streets, finishing by crossing the newly replaced foot ridge under the drawbridge. Along the way, we stopped at some of the homes and businesses that were hit hard by Florence and did 14-counts of various ruckercises.

We shared stories of how our Pax answered the call and helped those who needed it most, especially right after the storm. Our first stop was my home—two years ago was the darkest day for my family, and we will always greatly appreciate the folks that came out to help us put it back together. At the front of that line was our Pax.

Thank  you for the opportunity to lead, and for your friendship. Prayers for Mr. Roboto’s sister, who is going through a difficult time with her family.  Thanks to Bitcoin and Doorknob for bringing extra rucks so that Black Dog and @F3FlankSteak could experience their first ruck—nothing like that first time. 😜 Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather 0525 Hard start 0530
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Not sure—my app doesn’t give me that level of detail this far away. Hopefully it’s nice weather for a stroll!
  • WHY: Because it’s my first Q, rucking is fun, and the third F matters too.
  • PREVIEW: Good time to try rucking, and a stroll may be just what you need after Saturday’s beat down.


Ruck It BackBlast – Labear Day/BYOB

  • When: 09/07/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Doorknob, Mr. Roboto, Purdy Mouth, Bitcoin (QIC)

BYOB  = Bear Your Own Burden, Be Your Own Bear

A 4 Pax greeted the day at Union Point Park for Ruck It.  Given the temps lately, YHC was almost chilly while waiting in the Gloom.  Once assembled, Mission Statement and Disclaimer were recited.  Rucks on for:


Basically a winding route through the historic business district of downtown New Bern.  Upon each bear sighting, Pax would pause for a random exercise.  To keep everyone guessing, not even the Q knew what exercise was to be performed, nor how many reps.  Some were single count, some in cadence.  In addition to stops for bear, the Pax Bear-Crawled around the traffic circle, across the road at several points and up/down the steps at City Hall (up = easy, down = not easy).  Mix in Merkins, Irkins, Tricep Dips, Bear Hug Squats, Ruck Curls, Ruck Thrusters, Ruck Press w/ LSF, Yes & No, Burpees and perhaps others.  Upon returning to the Union Point Park entrance, we even threw in a Fartlek-like substance by Ruck-Running from entrance to Gazebo.

Was great to start the day off in this fashion.  Thanks again for the leadership opportunity.

Announcement:  Iron Pax Challenge Week 2 comin’ atcha.

Bitcoin, out!

Ruck It – How to Make Squats Easier

  • When: 08/31/20
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, McRib, Doorknob, Mr. Roboto

*** Note: No minimum weight required, just put something in your bag so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind.***

4 Pax this morning for this Monday’s edition of Ruck It. A beautiful morning with a nice breeze brought the sandbags back out.


Ruck around the park.
Return to gathering area, rucks off for:
Carrot Pickers x10IC
Windmills x10IC
Sun Gods x10IC, forwards then backwards

Ruck back up for the THANG

2 pax rucked around the park while the other 2 hung back for sandbag work in cycles. If the pax on sandbags completed the given exercises before the rucking pax return, they would start the cycle again. If they didn’t complete the cycle then they pick back up where they left off on the next round.

Sandbag Squats x10
Sandbag Curls x10
Stationary Lunges x10 #easyway
Bent Over Rows x10
Sandbag Cleans x10

Decrease reps by 2 each cycle. After cycles 2 and 3 pax performed sandbag calf raises, x20, on the curb while non-sandbaggers did merkins x10. Flapjack.

Ruck out of the park up East Front taking turns with the sandbags. Stop at the Century 21 empty lot for Sandbag Drag-through Merkins, xTooMany.

Squats with and without Sandbag, x10 each. Turns out squats are much easier without the sandbag.

Pax returned to Union Point for Mary:

Big Boy Situps to ruck overhead x10
LBCs x20
Box Cutters x10
Freddie Mercurys x5

Hard Stop.

Mr. Roboto

Ruck It BackBlast – A Little Sandbag Will Do Ya

  • When: 08/24/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Doorknob, Gander (RESPECT), McRib, Mr. Roboto, Purdy Mouth, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 6, apparently intrigued by the prospects of some Sandbaggery, posted in the Gloom this morning for Ruck It.  Gathered in the Gazebo (without Rucks) where the Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given.


  • 10 Pullups
  • 5 Pullups
  • 1 Pullup and hold on the way down (i.e. 1 Negative Pull Up)

Ruck up for:


Station Work (Q had pre-positioned two markers approximately 15+ yards apart.  Sandbag = 40 lbs.)

  • Station 1 – Bear Crawl down and back
  • Station 2 – Sandbag Toss down and back
  • Station 3 – Alternating Arm Ruck Drag down and back
  • Station 4 – Ruck Thrusters AMRAP
  • Station 5 – Ruck Curls AMRAP
  • Station 6 – Upright Ruck Row AMRAP
  • Each Pax has a turn at each station and rotates when the 6 from Station 1-3 is finished

Catch Me If You Can (Ruck & Sandbag Style) – Pax in single file line and start Rucking.  Last Pax has Sandbag and performs 5 Sandbag Cleans while rest of Pax continues to Ruck.  Once Cleans are performed, the Pax with Sandbag must run/shuffle to the head of the line, whereupon he drops the Sandbag so that the last Pax in line can start his set of Cleans, etc., etc.

Stopped at a halfway point and performed Plank Sandbag Pull Thru.  All Pax would perform a plank with hands on the curb (Irkin-style) and pass the Sandbag from one end of the Pax and back.  Switch to feet on sidewalk and hands on road (Derkin-style) for a repeat of Plank Sandbag Pull Thru.

Continue with Catch Me If You Can back to Union Point Park.

Rinse & Repeat of Station Work.

Deruckify and move to Gazebo for:

  • 1 Pullup with 10 Knee Raises
  • 2 Pullups with 10 Knee Raises
  • 3 Pullups with 5 Knee Raises
  • 4 Pullups with 5 Knee Raises


  • Michael Phelps, IC, 10x
  • Pot Stirrers, IC, 5x Counterclockwise, 5x Clockwise, switch arms, Rinse & Repeat
  • Hard Stop 0615


Counted off, Name-O-Rama and Announcements — Iron Pax Challenge coming for September

YHC offered prayer.

Excellent work put in by all Pax this morning.  Ruck It is now accepting New/First Time Ruckers into the fold.  YHC has an extra ruck for anyone who is curious and/or is seeking an alternative to The Fartlek.

Also, sign up to Q for any of the AOs.  After all, this position is supposed to be filled on a rotating basis.

Have a great day.

Bitcoin, out!

Ruck It PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Monday, August 24, 2020; Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: mid-70s, warm & humid
  • WHY: Do hard things
  • PREVIEW: Might be a sandbag involved

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30lbs.

      Q has a spare ruck if anyone is curious.