55 days left in 2019

  • When: 11/06/2019
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Pax may have included but not limited to, 420, 2 Fingers, Oz, Lil Wayne, Haggis, Faulkner, Unicorn, Bubble Guts, Plan B, Double Dipper, Kevorkian, Gander, Sandbagger, Ingrown, Bitcoin, Black Dog, Cuddy, Winthorpe

Glad I’m bald, don’t think I could have lifted my arms to wash hair after this one!   Pax of 19 gathered for 100 derkins, 150 merkins, 200 urkins, 250 dips and 300 carolina dry docks in the Garber parking lot done in pairs.  Mix in a few burpees and a couple miles of running.

No victory laps this week and no injuries.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead, always a good time.

Peace out…Tom.


  • When: 10/30/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The Pax: Oz, Mr. Roboto, WinthorpE, Gander, Kevorkian, Vagrant, Bubbleguts, Haggis, Peepin' Tom, Faulkner, Cuddy, Sandbagger, Black Dog, Ingrown, Lil' Wayne, Cornfed, II Fingers, Plan B, Double Dipper.

A Pax of 20 indulged in corny Halloween-named exercises in prep for gratuitous candy consumption Thursday.

1. Frankenstein Walks x 10 IC
2. Jumping Jack-O-Lanterns x 31 IC
3. Dancing Skeleton x 10 IC
4. Scarecrow arm circles: x 10 IC forward and x 10 reverse IC
5. Pumpkin Pickers x 10 IC
6. #Thriller Burpees x 10 OYO

Skeleton March- Form 2 Lines and Indian Run, with the 6 saying “ready, set, go” to race down each side… to Garber.

1. Grave Diggers: End of the parking spaces—agility hops over the curb stops, at the end  grave digging lunges back to the start.
Rinse and repeat for 3 sets to dig the grave deeeeep.

2. Partner Up for parking lot suicides: Halfway point and the opposite end.
Partner A runs suicide while Partner B performs Zombie Merkins. Flap jack. LBCs for the 6.
Partner A runs suicide while Partner B performs Burpee Worm. Flap jack. LBCs for the 6.
Rinse and repeat, with half-suicides for the last exercise.

3. Set of Spider Webs:
Partner A: Ratios of 5 Spider Mans (Peter Parkers 4-count) to 2 Jumping Spiders (Plyometric Merkin with a bounce up at the end, goal is all hands and feet off the ground):
Partner B: LBCs
5 sets.

Skeleton march back to the knee wall at the country club

Thang 2:
Partner Up for a set of R.I.P.s.
Partner A performs R.I.P.s : Reverse Lunges (10 reps each leg), Irkins x 10, Plank Jacks: x 10 until partner returns.
Partner B runs goes to the bottom of the ramp, bear crawl up, side bear over to the left, crawl bear down.
Rinse and repeat.

Bloody MARY:
1. Rosalita’s Witches Brew- on your 6/back, legs at 90 degrees, Keeping legs perpendicular to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.

We were out of time and missed out on Dead Man Rising (World War Is), Freddie Kruegers (Freddie Mercuries) and Michael Meyers (aka Box Cutters).

Strong work! Be safe Thursday night!


  • When: 10/23/19
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Lil' Wayne, Faulkner, Haggis, Peeping Tom, BlackDog, Ingrown, Plan B, Mr. Roboto, Sputnik, StickBuilt, II Fingers, Double Dipper, BitCoin, Oz, Stye, Kevorkian, WinthorpE, Cuddy

A pax of 20 non-fartsackers posted on this most beautiful of mornings to get their day started right and to get through Hump Day. No FNGs, so we got started.

  • Sprinklers 4CICx10
  • SSH 4CICx23
  • Hairy Rockettes 4CICx10
  • Monkey Humpers 4CICx23
  • Blue Hawaiian back down to bottom of hill

The Thang

Gathered at bottom of hill behind club and lined up along the hedge for:

  • Burpees OYOx10
  • Merkins OMDx23
  • Backward run up the hill
  • Sumo Squats OYOx10
  • Mosey back down the hill
  • Plank Jacks 4CICx23
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Moved over the Sand Trap hill for:

  • Burpees OYOx10
  • Merkins OMDx23
  • Bear Crawl up the hill
  • Sumo Squats OYOx10
  • Crawl Bear down the hill
  • Plank Jacks 4CICx23
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Mosey to underside of club and located a piece of wall and a chair for:

  • Burpees OYOx10
  • Merkins OMDx23
  • BTTW w/pax count of 5 (too many pax to do 10)
  • Dips OMDx23
  • Australian Mountain Climbers 4CICx10
  • Pickle Pointers 4CICx23 (feet on the chair)
  • Bonus due to being ahead of schedule:
    • BTTW w/pax count of 5
    • Dips OMDx23

Mosey to flower bed for:

  • Burpees OYOx10
  • Irkins OMDx23
  • Box Jumps OYOx10
  • Mountain Man Poopers 4CICx23
  • Rinse & Repeat less burpees & merkins

Extreme mosey (aka walk) back to parking lot for:

  • Burpees OYOx10
  • Merkins OMDx23


  • Freddy Mercuries 4CICx10
  • Starfish Crunches 4CICx23
  • Burpee OYOx1

Gassed & out! Thank you pax for allowing me to lead and share my 51 burpees with you on this special day. I hope your shoulders are hurting as bad as mine.

No announcements. Pax prayed the Lord’s Prayer.


  • When: 10/16/19
  • QIC: @f3FlankSteak
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Bubble Guts, Faulkner, Haggis, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Lil Wayne, Double Dipper, McRib, Oz, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Unicorn, Bitcoin, Plan B, Gander, Black Dog, @f3FlankSteak (QIC)

18 showed up on a beautiful morning.  YHC ran up right as the clock hit 5:30 and with no FNG went right into the warmup:

  • SSH x 15 4C IC
  • Sun Gods x10 4C IC forwards/backwards
  • Cotton Picker x 15 4C IC
  • Monkey Humpers x 15 4C IC
  • High Knees x 15 4C IC
  • Down Dog Stretch into Carolina Dry Dock x 20 IC

Mosey  by 1 green:

  • 10 Shoulder Taps 4C IC

Mosey to 2 green:

  • 10 Shoulder Taps 4C IC
  • 10 Burpees OYO

Cross Country Mosey over to 8 and stop where cart path crossed fairway for:

  • 10 Shoulder Taps 4C IC
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 10 Squats 4C IC

Mosey over to 11 to parking lot next to hard courts for

  • 10 Shoulder Taps 4C IC
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • 10 Squats 4C IC
  • 10 WWI sit ups

Tennis Courts still dark (thanks everyone for trying to get the lights on) we headed into for:

  • Sprint across courts down and back  and then 10 hand release merkins
  • Sprint across courts down and back and then 10 Burpees OYO

7’s across one court and back with Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear and American Hammer/Plank Jacks

Rinse and repeat sprints across court

Mosey to brick wall near employee parking lot for Dips X20, Irkins x 20 and Derkins x20

Back to parking lot for Mary:

  • LBC X50
  • Dolly X15 IC
  • LSF x15 IC
  • John Travolta x10 each side led to Pyro
  • Box Cutters x20 IC

Hard Stop!

As always an honor to lead!  Unicorn on Point Friday.

Backblast- Here’s your 6-Pack, Sir

  • When: 10/09/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Black Dog, Bubble Guts, Cuddy, Double Dipper, Faulkner, Gander, Haggis, Kevorkian, Mr, Roboto, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Pyro, Winthorpe,

16 of us gathered this morning to work on our 6-Packs and legs in cooler-than-advertised weather.

Warm-a-Rama consisted of 1 Blue Hawaii Lap followed by

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Merkens x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

We then moved on to The Thang: we broke up into 4 groups of 4 at 4 corners with a cone in the middle.  While all members of a group were in plank, each person ran to the middle cone, did 10 squats, ran back until the next person went until all were done.  All others held plank until the 6 was in.  We then repeated that with lunges to the cone, monkey humpers, run back.  The 3rd round we did frog jumps, jump squats and ran back.  The 4th round we did bear crawl, 10 merkens and ran back.  Planked out, we moved on to

Bruce Lee: American Hammer x 20 IC, Leg Lifts x 20 IC, LBC’s single count x 20, Heel Touches x 20 IC, Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC, and 1 set of 100’s

Moving to the flower bed, we then did 1 set of Aiken Legs (20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, 20 iron mikes) followed by a Blue Hawaii Lap.  This was rinsed and repeated x 2 for a total of 3 sets.

Then it was on to Bruce Lee #2

Back at the parking lot, we did a set of Lieutenant Dans to the middle cone, 10 Merkens and ran back.  This was repeated 2 more times with Lunges and Frog Jumps.

We finished up with Bruce Lee #3

Thanks for coming out.  Good work!