• When: 12/025/19
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Runners: Cuddy, Plan B, Kevorkian, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner Ruckers: Bitcoin, Double Dipper

The ruckers rucked and the runners ran.  We’ve had 2 ruckers recently, looking for more (and more runners, too).

Black Ops

  • WHAT: Black Ops
  • WHERE: Meadows Park
  • WHEN: Thursday, October 31. Hard start 0530; soft stop, 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Unseasonably warm, 20% chance of rain
  • WHY: Run
  • PREVIEW: We'll run and/or ruck. There are routes of 2, 3, and 4+ miles. Paces vary.

Black Ops

  • When: 10/24/19
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, Cuddy, Faulkner, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Kevorkian

We ran at various paces; Bitcoin rucked.  Looking for more runners/ruckers.  Come on out on Thursdays!

Black Ops

  • When: 10/10/19
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Plan B, Peeping Tom, Faulkner, Blue Hawaiian, Bitcoin, Swamp Gas (FNG), Kevorkian

We had a ‘real’ F3 AO today, with the mission statement given via joint effort (thanks, Bitcoin) and welcoming an FNG, Luke Quebedeaux, Swamp Gas. We ran and rucked. Always a pleasure to be with this group.

Black Ops

  • WHAT: Black Ops
  • WHERE: Meadows Park
  • WHEN: Thursday, October 10. Hard start 0530; soft stop, 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Spectacular
  • WHY: Why not?
  • PREVIEW: We'll run and possibly ruck.

Black Ops and Iron Pax Challenge Week 3 – Meter’s 43

  • When: 09/19/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: McRib, Bitcoin, Faulkner, Sandbagger, Mr. Roboto, Peeping Tom, Blue Hawaiian, Plan B

8 men showed up in the gloom today, plus one of Trent Woods’ finest. The officer didn’t stick around, and neither did Plan B, Bitcoin Blue Hawaiian, or Peeping Tom. They decided Iron Pax was too much for them and they took a long mosey. The officer was just finishing his shift and Waffle House was calling. II Fingers popped in for a while and there was a mention of Oz running around out there. Pretty sure there was a Unicorn sighting as well!

So that left 5 for Meter’s 43 which went like so:

Accumulated rep scoring for a total of 43 minutes

      • 10 Pull-ups
      • 15 Burpee Coupon Jump Overs
      • 20 Coupon Curls
      • 25 Coupon Squat Thrusters
      • 30 Gas Pumps (reverse crunches)

Rinse and repeat for 43 minutes

**Scored by cumulative number of reps completed during the 43 minutes. For reference, each full round is 100 reps.

McRib – 755
Bitcoin – Did not Report  but crushed it  739
Sandbagger – 719
Mr. Roboto – 712
Faulkner – Did not Report but also crushed it. 625

YHC will just say this, squat thrusters won’t be back for a while, and burpee coupon jump overs are no joke.

I won’t be around this weekend or for next Thursday, so if someone wants the Coupons they can come grab them from the Carport side of my house. I have tentively signed up to Q on the 28th for the final week of Iron Pax, but if someone wants to run one on Thursday, please feel free. I believe coupons will indeed be needed. Just don’t let Kevorkian carry them or they’ll end up in pieces.

Really good work this morning, even you runners.

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと