SHIRTS! Pre-Order is Up Again

A number of you expressed interest in purchasing some new F3 New Bern shirts. So I got a new pre-order put up. The pre-order is open for 2 weeks and there is a 12 shirt minimum for it to go through. That means if 1 person buys 2, that leaves 10 more that need to be purchased by any number of other Pax. This round we’ve added an option to buy an F3 New Bern logoed UltraSport SeatShield to keep your Swamp Ass off of your vehicle’s fine italian leather. It will count towards the 12 shirt minimum. Select size OSFA (one size fits all).

F3 New Bern Shirt Pre-Order

Pre-orders will be taken until end of day 07/10/2019.
These shirts will then be ordered from the screen printer for delivery by end of July 2019.

Impromptu Q’ing!

  • When: 06/22/19
  • QIC: The Pax
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Winthorpe, Black Dog, McRib, II Fingers, Gander

A hearty pax of 6 posted in perfect weather to get their Saturday’s off to a beautiful start. No FNGs, no Q, so we divided, shared and grumbled the whole way. As we Q’ed on the fly, this is all coming from memory, so it may not be 100% correct – so I apologize for leaving anything out or shortchanging anyone’s Q. Let it be known, it was a pretty good beat down.

Warm-o-Rama by McRib

  • SSH 4CICx15
  • Carrot Pickers 4CICx15
  • Heisman Shuffles 4CICx10
  • Various Stretches – legs, shoulders, arms

The Thang by The Pax

Mosey to the band practice field for various partner exercises as follows as called out by  the identified pax:

  • (McRib) Partner A does a backward run approx 50 yds & returns; Partner B planks – rinse & repeat 3x
  • (II Fingers) Partner A does Lt. Dans approx 50 yds & returns; Partner B squats on way out, LBCs on way back
  • (Winthorpe) Partner A sprint 100 yds & return; Partner B Freddie Mercuries
  • (Double Dipper) Partner A does army crawl 10 yds; to a medium crawl 15 yds; to a bear crawl the last 25 yds then up to a sprint the last 50 to then ‘drag’ Partner B back 50 yds (very difficult); Partner B did something while waiting – can’t remember!
  • (Black Dog) Pax together moseyed 100 yds with every 5th step being a layup jump; return 100 yds at full speed with every 5th step being a layup jump
  • (Gander) Got us the hell away from that field!

Mosey to benches for a little arm work:

  • (Gander) Claim a bench for speed work on my count: 10 dips, 10 irkins, 15 dips, 15 irkins, 10 dips, 10 irkins
  • (McRib) 7’s between the bench doing dirkins and the building doing BTTW for an ascending 5 sec count: 6 dirkins, 5 sec BTTW; 5 dirkins, 10 sec BTTW, etc. Movement between the stations was a low basketball defensive slide.

Mosey to the football practice field:

  • (II Fingers) Split into teams of 3 with 3 stations to rotate OYO. 5 pull-ups; 15 squats; 20 merkins – rinse & repeat 5x

Mosey to overhang area:

  • (McRib) 20 heel raises per step
  • (McRib) Scale back down the handrails

Mosey back to front of school for Mary:

Mary by Winthorpe

  • Bro-ga – various moves & contortions
  • Boat/Canoe
  • Dying Cockroach
  • LBCs

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama.

No announcements, closed out in prayer. Good workout!




  • When: 06/21/19
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Tree Frog, Winthorpe, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Black Dog, Goose, Peeping Tom, West Point, Bonnie, Oz, BitCoin, Unicorn, II Fingers, Pyro, Plan B, Double Dipper, Stye, Gander (YHC)

18 men posted this am to enjoy the glorious weather and fellowship. Union Pointe was blocked off to traffic, so everyone gathered in the convention center overflow lot, thus eliminating all running. No FNGs, so we jumped into with:


  • SSH 4CICx15
  • Hillbillies 4CICx15
  • Various shoulder stretches
  • Various Oz leg stretches
  • Downward dog OYO


Moseyed to convention center wall to warm up with a raccoon crawl the full length of wall. Plank for the 6. Moseyed back to parking lot, partner up and got one coupon per team to share as needed.

Next we lined up with our partner and put down the instructions and dice. The dice were thrown one at a time with Partner A exercise being determined by the first die and Partner B by the second die. Once Partner A was finished, flap jack. Al Gore for the 6. The breakdown of options were as follows:

Roll a:  Partner A does: Partner B does:

Goal to have each pax roll the die did not happen – but 10 cycles were completed. A quick audible to change the Block Get-Ups was changed to 6 reps instead of 8. Good suggestion Pyro!

Surprisingly, we did not do Lion Kings, Toddler Squats, Merkins or Curb Squats. But, a sufficient quantity of Overhead Presses and Block & Leg Raises made up for it.


  • Star Crunches 4CICx15
  • Box Cutters 4CICx15
  • LBCs 4CICx15

Stopped a few minutes early.

No announcements, YHC closed in prayer.

Thank you for letting me Q – always a challenge to keep it interesting and challenging. I hope everyone got something out of today.

The Bear – 6/15/19 – Change in AO

  • WHO: Any man or FNG

    • We failed to discuss the conflict with NBHS graduation tomorrow morning at The Bear. Since we have no Q at this point, I am suggesting the same AO relocation as last year to Lawson Creek Park. I will not be posting or I would take the proverbial bull by the horns.

      If you are planning to be there, please step up today to Q. When you do sign up to Q, you can choose whatever AO you would like – just include it in the Preblast.



Louis XIV

  • When: 06/07/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: @F3Flanksteak, Pyro, Oz, Gander, Goose, Peeping Tom, Cuddy, 420, 210, Stye, Tree Frog, Unicorn, Purdy Mouth, StickBuilt, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Lil Wayne, Plan B, Doorknob, and Black Dog

This day in 1654, Louis XIV, aka the Sun King, was crowned King of France. We did some exercises in his honor.

Warm O Rama

Sun Gods – 14x IC forward, 14x IC backward

American Hammers – 14x IC

Ran a lap

The Thang

Partnered up.

Partner 1 –  50 yd Backwards run, 1 Bobby Hurley, run back

Partner 2 – doing exercises

Flapjack until duo completes total # of exercises

  1. Burpees – 50x,
  2. Squats – 300x,
  3. LBAC’s – 300x
  4. Merkins – 150x
  5. Imperial Walkers – 300x
  6. LBC’s – 300x
  7. Plank Jacks – 150x
  8. Side Straddle Hops – 62x IC

For a grand total of 1654 reps.


Union Point Death March…modified (Catch Me if You Can, last two drop off for Burpees 3x, runs to the front)

Iron Mikes while waiting for the 6.


Tonight – June 7th 7:30pm, Purdy Mouth’s Strung Together presents the story and music of June Carter & Johnny Cash. Fundraiser for New Bern Civic Theater.

Tomorrow – June 8th 7:30pm – Walk In Bathtub Improv Show – Rated R and Beer/Wine available for purchase!


Please keep Dixon Smith and the Stubbs family in your prayers. NOTE – we ask that you please respect their privacy during this time – just keep them in your prayers!

Lastly, big shout out to Tree Frog  and 210! Impressive showing from these two lads this morning.

Always an honor to lead this group!

YHC, Sandbagger

Happy Sweat 16!

  • When: 06/05/19
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: McRib, Oz, Lil' Wayne, 210, 420, Ingrown, Unicorn, Peeping Tom, Winthorpe, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, Cuddy, Black Dog, Goose, Kevorkian, II Fingers, Plan B, Double Dipper, YHC.

A pax of 19 gathered this perfect, beautiful morning. All you fartsackers offering up excuses, you have none. Time to get at it!

No FNGs present, so we jumped right into a workout that turned out to be harder than it appeared on paper. Plenty of sweat. Plenty of burn.


  • SSH 4CICx16
  • Hillbillies 4CICx16
  • Sun Gods 4CICx16, reverso

The Thang

  • Burpees OYOx16
  • Prisoner Snake Run to the tennis courts
  • Musical interlude of Roxanne – Merkin on Roxanne; Plankjack on Red Light – a real crowd pleaser every time!
  • Partner up for a cycle of 3 exercises
    • Partner A: Scorpion Dry Docks (right leg, flapjack, left leg), Plank
    • Partner B: Squat/Duck Walk to cabana & return, rinse & repeat, San Antonio Shuffle
  • Musical Interlude of Hair Up! – from Sumo Squat position, Air Press on Air, Star Jack on Hair Up! Yep – this one burned a little
  • Partner up for a cycle of 3 exercises
    • Partner A: Stump Huggers, rinse & repeat, Reverse Plank
    • Partner B: Lt. Dans, rinse & repeat, San Antonio Shuffle
  • BTTW along the fence for each pax to give a speed count to 16
  • Prisoner Indian Run back under Bushwood & locate a chair
  • Dips 4CICx16
  • Curb Squats 4CICx16
  • Dips 4CICx16
  • Curb Squats 4CICx16
  • Mosey back to parking lot
  • Merkin Burn – 35 single count merkins as fast as I could lead


  • Guantanamo – look it up – another crowd pleaser
  • LBCs 4CICx16

No announcements. YHC closed us in prayer.

As always, it is a pleasure to lead. thank you for the opportunity!



Happy Sweat 16!

  • WHAT: Bushwood
  • WHEN: 06/05/19 Gather 05:15; Hard Start 05:30; Hard Stop 06:15
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Perfect - a nippy 69 degrees!
  • WHY: To celebrate the milestones in our lives.
  • PREVIEW: Birthday = party. Party = cake. Cake = candles. Candles burn.

Loops (Deja Vu)

  • When: 05/20/19
  • QIC: Goose
  • The Pax: Oz, Lil Wayne, 2 Fingers, Sandbagger, Winthorpe, Faulkner, Plan B, Kevorkian, Unicorn, Goose (QIC)

10 men gathered.  No FNG’s.  Mission Statement given (some say perfectly).   Then the Deja Vu started kicking in for some…


SSH x 20 4CT

Cotton Pickers x 10 4CT

Imperial Walkers x 15 4CT

Sun Gods x 10 4CT (Forward and Reverse)

Pigeon and Quad Stretches – OYO

Downward Dog and Upward Dog stretches


We moseyed to the Garber Ministry Center parking lot.  Lined up and sprinted the length of the parking lot, did 10 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Squats IC.

Snake Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.

Returned to parking lot.  Sprinted to the end, did 10 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Lunges OYO (10 each leg).

Indian Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.

Returned to parking lot. Sprinted to the end, did 5 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Squats OYO.

Scout Run on the road looping around Ministry Center.  Imperial Walker exercise by lead.

Returned to parking lot. Sprinted to the end, did 15 Merkins IC; sprinted back and did 20 Lunges OYO (10 each leg).

All You Got (AYG) Run  on the road looping around Ministry Center.  Stopped at Stop sign (waited for Oz, 2 fingers and Lil Wayne to catch up with the PAX).  Moseyed back to the NBGCC entrance and then an AYG to the parking lot.

Mary (not):

We circled up for Announcements and Name-O-Rama.  No time for Mary.  We prayed it out.  Good work by all.  Thank you Cuddy for the Q inspiration last week.  If your not a Q’er, do what I did…find a workout performed by someone else and then Rinse and Repeat.  Thank you guys for allowing me to lead…Need more Q’s.


  • WHAT: The Fartlek
  • WHEN: 05/20/19 Gather 0525 Hard Start 0530 Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 68° 10% SSW 4 MPH
  • WHY: Clean Slate