Ruck It BackBlast – Arthur? Arthur!

  • When: 05/18/20
  • QIC: Bitcoin

Wind?  Check.  Rain?  Check.  Flashed back to Growruck 17 with wind blowing 20+ mph and steady drizzle. Only difference was that today was about 30 degrees warmer.

YHC gathered at the appointed time & place.  No other Pax present, so YHC took off on a little walkabout.  Tailwind Rucking is great.  Headwind Rucking … not so much.  Kept head down and made distance.  Covered just under 3 miles in the allotted time.



  • When: 05/18/20
  • QIC: Oz
  • The Pax: Plan B, II Fingers, Double Dipper, Oz

4 did laps around the covered area track. 1 lap – Sun gods; 2 laps – Windmills; 3 laps – Leg Stretches: 4 laps – Merkins;….11 laps.  Counted, named, prayed.

Alphabet workout

  • When: 05/16/20
  • QIC: Little Dipper
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Plan B, Black Dog

We gathered this morning without a Q signed up but with an eager Little Dipper. We began with the intro and into:


SSH 4CIC x 25

Frankensteins 4CIC 10

Sun gods 4CIC x 10; reverse x 10

Individual stretches

We then took the long route around the school to the covered area for:

The Thang:

50 Cuddy-calf-raises OYO

We then began a workout with exercises assigned to each letter of the alphabet (shout out to the Epiphany School Physical Education team for the exercise suggestions and list.) First, we spelled out:

L – 20 tricep dips OYO

I – 30 SSH 4CIC

T – 15 Burpees OYO

T – 15 Burpees OYO

L – 20 tricep dips OYO

E – 1 minute wall sit

D – 15 merkins OYO

I – 30 SSH 4CIC

P – 15 Lunges OYO

P – 15 Lunges OYO

E – 1 minute wall sit

R – 15 merkins OYO

Followed by a racoon crawl along both horseshoe walls

F – 10 Burpees OYO

E – 1 minute wall sit

L – 20 tricep dips OYO

L – 20 tricep dips OYO

O – 40 SSH 4CIC

W – 50 calf raises OYO

S – 1 minute wall sit (in place of 30 SSH)

H – 20 jump squats OYO

I – 30 SSH 4CIC

P – 15 lunges

1 lap around the parking lot followed by 25 LBCs, 25 air presses 4CIC, BTTW x 40 sec, and then back to the front parking lot for:


15 squats OYO; 15 crunchy frogs OYO; 15 box cutters 4CIC; 007s x 30 sec

We counted, named, and prayed. Good work by all! Little Dipper out.

Point – Body Blast

  • When: 05/15/2020
  • QIC: Faulkner
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Bitcoin, Bomble, Double Dipper, Haggis, Mathlete, O Face, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Polyp, Pyro, Unicorn, Winthorpe

14 Men met at The Point for some work.  We began with;


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap, Around park
  • Side Shuffles x 2
  • High Knees x 1
  • Skaters x 1
  • Sprints x 2
  • Frankenstein x 1
  • Butt Kicks x 1


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap
  • Dying Cock Roaches x 50 IC, 4 Count
  • Seated V Ups x 20 IC, 4 Count
  • Dying Cock Roaches x 15 IC, 4 Count
  • Seated V Ups x 15 IC, 4 Count
  • Dying Cock Roaches x 15 IC, 4 Count
  • Seated V Ups x 15 IC, 4 Count


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap
  • 2 line of cones 30 yds apart, partner up, grab sand bag
    • P1 Wood Chop (Kneeling) w/ Sand Bag 10 Ea Side
    • P2 Circle pushups.
    • P1 Overhead Press w/ Sand Bag 20 Ea.
    • P2 Carolina Dry Docks.
    • P1 Tricep Extensions w/ Sand Bag 15 Ea.
    • P2 Ranger Merkins.
    • P1 Curl w/ Sandbag 15 Ea.
    • P2 Diamond Merkins
  • Blue Hawaiian Lap
    • Line up at opposite ends of cones
    • P1 Squat w/ Sand Bag 15 Ea.
    • P2 Plank suicide w/ alt leg up. Switch sprint to opposite side Repeat. Sprint back
    • P1 Sandbag lunges w/ twist 15 Ea.
    • P2 Plank walk out and back (Burpee). Switch sprint to opposite side. Repeat. Sprint Back
    • P1 Sandbag dead lifts 15 Ea.
    • P2 Superman’s Switch sprint to opposite side. Repeat. Sprint back.
    • WWI Sit ups x 30 IC, 1 Count
  • Blue Hawaiian Lap


  • Captain Thors (1 sit up 4 American Hammers)  x 15 IC
  • Clap Sit Ups (Sit up) Clap with hands behind knee leg, alternate other let, clap behind knee, alternate x 20 IC
  • Cobra Stretch
  • Left knee to Right side stretch
  • Right knee to Left side stretch

Count / Name / Announcements (Wash Hands) / 1-2-3 FRIDAY

Thanks for the week.  See y’all down range.


Bushwood – Quick Sand

  • When: 05/13/20
  • QIC: Faulkner
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Cuddy, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Mathlete, Bubble Guts, Kevorkian, Pyro, Ozz, II Fingers, Black Dog, Gander, Double D, If you were not mentioned we know you were there.

14 men rolled out this AM to better themselves and each other.  We began;


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC 4 CT
  • Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 25 IC 4 CT
  • Chinooks (overhead arm circles) x 25 IC 4 CT
  • Imperial Walkers x 25 IC 4 CT
  • Downward Dog – OYO
  • Arm Stretches – Your choice


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap rally back at planter wall
  • Step up / down x 50 OYO
  • Derkins x 25 IC 1 CT
  • Dips x 25 IC 1 CT
  • Erkins x 25 IC 1 CT


  • Blue Hawaiian Lap rally back at 1st hole fairway
  • Cones spaced approx 30 yards apart
  • Partner up grabbing 1 sand bag per team or if you are practicing safe sex then 1 bag per person
  • P1 & P2 back to back on your six. Pass sandbag around from side to side 25 times. Switch directions 1/2 way. Blue Hawaiian Lap.
  • P1 & P2 foot to foot on your six. P1 sit up w/ sand bag overhead toss to P2.  P2 back down over head sit up and toss to P1.  25 times.  Blue Hawaiian Lap.
  • P1 Inch worm planks w/ pushups, P2 30 sand bag raises. Switch , rinse, repeat. Blue Hawaiian Lap
  • P1 Squat kicks, P2 30 sand bag squats, Switch , rinse, repeat. Blue Hawaiian Lap.
  • P1 Plank walks w/ burpee, P2 skip runs back and forth from side to side 10 times, Switch , rinse, repeat. Blue Hawaiian Lap.
  • P1 Wood Chop w/ sandbag 15 times, P2 Frankenstein back and forth, Switch , rinse, repeat. Blue Hawaiian Lap.

Time had elapsed.  Counted, Named, Announcements, Prayed it out.

Thanks for letting me hang with y’all.


Fartlek – Run then Run

  • When: 05/11/20
  • QIC: Faulkner
  • The Pax: Ozzz, II Fingers, Double Dipper, Winthorpe, Unicorn, Kevorkian, Plan B, Peeping Tom,

9 Pax made an appearance on this cool morning.  I lifted this workout from Lil Wayne back in April.  Here is how it goes;

Mosey to Garber Parking lot for the


  • Side Straddle Hops – 20 Each
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 Each
  • Abe Vigoda’s – 20 Each
  • Cotton Pickers – 20 Each
  • Downward Dog / Upward Dog – OYO


Catch me if you can…Partner 1 – Burpees – 3 ea, Partner 2 – Backwards run, P1 catch P2 and flapjack.  Complete 4 -5 laps around parking lot.  Sounds easy.


  • Parking lot lap intervals with Burpee / Squat / Merkin progression.
  • Burpee – 1 ea, / Squat – 1 ea. / Merkin – 1 ea.
  • Run Lap
  • Burpee – 2 ea. / Squat – 2 ea. / Merkin -2 ea.
  • Run Lap
  • Build up to 10 ea. of the exercises w/ lap in between.
  • Sounds easy

Return to NBGCC parking area.


  • 100’s

I was gassed.  Announcements (Wash your hands) / Counted / Named (Sorry if you got left out) / Prayed.

Thanks for helping me celebrate another trip around the sun!  Each one gets faster and faster.  Enjoy the ride men.

Peace out Faulkner.


Ruck It BackBlast – Work to be Done

  • When: 05/11/2020
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Purdy Mouth, Bitcoin (QIC)

What a beautiful morning!  Purdy Mouth joined YHC for Ruck It today.  With very little fanfare, we rucked up and got started:

  • Warm-up lap around Union Point Park block


  • One Pax would carry, in addition to his ruck, the 40 lb sandbag for 1/2 lap
  • At each 1/2 lap interval, Pax would perform certain Ruckercise and/or Sandbaggercise
  • 2nd Pax would carry sandbag back to beginning — enjoyed conversation so much, a couple of times we each forgot we were toting the sandbag, and therefore did not switch at the 1/2 lap point — carried full for full lap
  • Rinse & Repeat until Hard Stop
  • Beatdown included (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Rucked Up Merkins, OMD, 20x
    • Rucked Up Squats, OMD, 20x
    • Ruck Curl w/ Overhead Press, IC, 20x
    • Rucked Up Bear Crawl
    • Sandbag Cleans, 20x with Partner holding Al Gore & Flip Flop
    • Upright Ruck Rows, IC, 15x
    • Bent Over Ruck Rows, IC, 15x
    • Alternating Over-the-Shoulder Sandbag Drops, 20x with Partner performing Rucked Up Lunges, 10x per leg

Closed with a gorgeous sunrise!

YHC has an extra ruck for anyone interested in giving Ruck It a try.

Faulkner on Q for the rest of the week.

Bitcoin out!


  • WHAT: The Fartlek
  • WHERE: Bushwood
  • WHEN: 11 May 2020 Gather 0525 Hard Start 0530 Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Clear 53 deg
  • WHY: Phase I
  • PREVIEW: Run, then run.

Ruck It – PreBlast

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Monday, May 11, 2020: Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: High 50s & Clear
  • WHY: Let's Work

    • Minimum Ruck Weight:  30 lbs.


  • When: 05/09/20
  • QIC: Double Dipper
  • The Pax: Peeping Tom, Plan B, Black Dog, Unicorn, Little Dipper

I intended this to be a reset to a time before COVID and Florence and other things, but a thorough review of past Bear backblasts left me lamenting the days of partner work and shared coupons. Instead, we seemed to settle for a reset to winter weather. Although chilly, we started with:


SSH 4CIC x 20; High Knees 4CIC x 10; Butt Kickers 4CIC x 10; Michael Phelps and baseball stretches OYO

Mosey to the track for

The Thang:

Appropriately spaced partner work with Partner A doing the exercise and Partner B moseying halfway down the field and back for:

100 Merkins; 200 Squats; 300 LBCs

We then did two “Catch-Me-If-You-Can” laps around the track with 2 x burpees at each “catch”

Mosey to the covered area/courtyard for:

15 Dirkens OMD; 15 box jumps; 15 Irkens OMD; Raccoon Crawl

BTTW 15 count x 6; People’s Chair 15 count x 6; American Hammers 4CIC x 15; Bulgarian split squats 15 OYO; Raccoon Crawl

Rinse/repeat, but added 15 Dips OYO and 15 Pickle Pointers OYO (w/3 sec hold)

Mosey to the parking lot for modified Freddie Mercurys (3 sec hold) x 20

Named and prayed.

A pleasure to lead.