Guerilla Ops MACV-SOG

  • When: 08/05/19
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Schrute, Little Dipper, Double Dipper, Doorknob, Hilfiger, Bitcoin, Mr. Roboto (QIC)

7 HIMs showed up despite the coin-flip chance of Thunderstorms this morning. It would have been all good, because a majority of the work was done under the cover of the Gazebo.

This month, Ruck It is focusing time to complete GORUCK’s August #RuckingChallenge in attempt to recognize the Green Berets who operated in the jungles, mountains and rice paddies of Vietnam. Here’s the link to learn more:

This week’s workout was the MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group). Special Forces’ involvement in Vietnam began just prior to, and during, the early days of President Kennedy’s administration. In small teams and detachments, SF supported CIA guerrilla operations in Burma and Laos 1960-1962. Then, in September of 1962, SF teams began arriving in Vietnam from the 1st Special Forces Group (based in Okinawa) and from the 5th and 7th Special Forces Groups (based in Fort Bragg, NC). By the end of 1962, SF had established approximately 30 Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) camps, known as A-camps. Many of these SF soldiers would become part of MACV-SOG, which was established through the “MACV-SOG General order #6,” January 24, 1964.

The exercises for this workout were as follows.

100 no push-up burpees (ruck on)

– THEN 2 ROUNDS of –

– 24 ruck swings
– 64 push-ups (ruck off)
– 24 ruck squats
– 64 sit-ups (ruck off)

**Each partner did half the reps, being split up however was choosen with
ONE person working at a time. IF YOU ARE SOLO, COMPLETE HALF OF THE REPS**

YHC had a false start and then tried to make it easier than it should have been. Thanks to Bitcoin for keep us straight both times.

The PAX finished shortly before 6, so we had time for 3 laps and then a lazy COT. No Mary.

If you haven’t ordered your patch, go and do it now – It costs nothing other than honesty, hard work, and sweat. Even shipping is included, so there’s no excuse. If you missed today, go ahead and do this workout on your own and show up next week. Bitcoin will lead. Hopefully he doesn’t screw up because YHC won’t  be there to help him. We know Bitcoin is solid though.

Mr. Roboto
ども ありがと

The Fartlek – Return to Pembroke

  • When: 08/05/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Swiffer, 2 Fingers, Kevorkian, Unicorn, 420, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Faulkner, Cuddy (QIC)

9 men gathered this warm morning to start their week with a run along with a few exercises.  With no FNGs we started right away with…

Windmills x 10 IC 4CT
Sun Gods x 10 IC 4CT (Forward and Back)
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC 4CT
SSH x 20 IC, 4 CT
Various Stretches

We moseyed to Garber parking lot for…
15 Merkins, Sprint to end, 15 Sumo Squats, Sprint Back
15 Werkins, Sprint to end, 15 Sumo Squats, Sprint Back

We then ran to Trent Shores Drive with the faster runners circling back at several points. We then chose partners and alternated between Squats & Merkins until 60 total exercises were completed. We then did Partner Shoulder Presses until each team reached 60. At this point YHC completely forgot to inquire if anyone remembered the origin of the name of Pembroke Road. Will need to cover another time.

We then returned to the club parking lot the same we came with alternating speeds between light posts.

Being behind schedule we skipped.

We closed with Name-O-Rama, and a short Prayer

The distance, according to Kevorkian’s watch, was 3.4 miles. (More for those looping back) It is always an honor to lead this group.

Guerrilla Ops – August #Rucking Challenge

  • WHAT: Ruck It
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Monday, Aug 5th - Gather 0525, Hard Start 0530, Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Upper 70s with 50% chance of Scattered Thunderstorms
  • WHY: You have the chance to earn a patch with this one.

    • This month, GORUCK honors the Special Forces (SF) soldiers who served in the Vietnam War and shaped the history of the Green Berets. There are 4 partner workouts that when completed earn you a patch from GORUCK to proudly display on your ruck. Bitcoin and YHC decided we’d help everyone out and Q these 4 workouts at Ruck It. If you can’t make it to Ruck It each week this month, GORUCK includes an option to scale so you can do it solo.

      Tomorrow’s workout will be the MACV – SOG WORKOUT.

      • Step 1 – Order your patch here:  Patches will ship late Sept.
      • Step 2 – Show Up
      • Step 3 – Rinse and Repeat for the next 3 weeks.
      • Step 4 – ???
      • Step 5 – Profit!!!

      If you have to miss a week, here’s the link to the workouts so that you can keep working towards earning your patch:

      See you in the Gloom..

The Bear – No Modification Required

  • When: 08/03/19
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: Goose, Gander, Stye, Door Knob, Goose, 420, 210(2.0), Double Dipper, Lil’ Dipper(2.0), Plan B, Black Dog, Winthorpe, Cuddy (QIC)

10 men + 2 2.0’s posted yesterday on a beautiful August morning. The rain that had been forecast was not to be found; therefore, we proceeded without modification.

Windmills x 10 IC 4CT
SSH x 25 IC, 4 CT
Sun Gods x 10 IC 4CT
Hillbillies x 10 IC, 4 CT
Various Stretches

Moseyed to the Boykin Field parking lot where we found some cones strategically placed 25 yards apart.

Round 1
20 Merkins – Run – 5 Burpees – Run – 20 Squats – Run – 5 Burpees – Run
Round 2
20 Werkins – Lunge – 5 Burpees – Lunge – 20 S. Squats – Lunge 5 Burpees – Lunge
Round 3
20 R. Merkins – Carioca – 5 Burpees – Carioca – 20 T. Squats – Karaoke – 5 Burpees – Karaoke

We then gathered at the entrance, where we did 20 Merkins, ran ¼ mile, did 20 more Merkins and returned.
Back at the cones we did 8 50 yard sprints. After every other sprint we did 20 exercises (Lunges, Squats, & Merkins). There was some mumble chatter about the appropriate wording of the 3 command start and YHC swiftly changed to On OUR Mark, Get Set, Go.
We then gathered the cones, did 20 Merkins – ran ¼ mile, 20 Merkins, ran ¼ to the covered area to complete our mile. Upon finding a box we did Dips, Irkins, WWII’s, (20 each IC) followed by 50 Calf Raises before returning to our boxes for a rinse and repeat.

Being spent, we stayed at the boxes for….

LBC x 30 IC
Low Slow Flutter x 20
Various stretching exercises

We then Moseyed to the front and closed with…

Double Dipper invited the crew, especially those with younger children to his house (next weekend I believe.) We closed with a short prayer.

I’m on point for tomorrow and Mr. Roboto has Bushwood, but we need more Qs!
Always appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Vacation Prep Backblast

  • When: 07/31/19
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, Bubbleguts, Cuddy, Door Knob, Double Dipper, Faulkner, Haggis, Kevorkian, McRib, Mr. Roboto, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Stickbuilt, Unicorn

The heat was back on this morning as 15 gathered together on the last morning of July.  We took a long lap then did:

SSH IC x 10, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Merkens x 20 SC, American Hammers x 20 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Mountain Climbers x 10 IC.

We then got down to business with The Bearmuda Triangle:  there were 3 cones in a triangle, approximately 25 yards apart.  At the 1st Cone, 1 Burpee was done and Bear Crawl to 2nd, where 2 Burpees were done and Bear Crawl to 3rd, where 3 Burpees were done and Bear Crawl back to 1st cone.  This was rinsed and repeated x 2. We then took a short lap.

Thoroughly warm, we paired up and moved on to the meat of the workout:

Partner 1 ran backwards across parking lot, did a Bobby Hurley and ran forwards back, then did that again, while Partner 2 did an exercise.  Then partners flap jacked.  The exercises and total number of reps were:

Burpees- 100

Squats- 300

LBC’s- 150

Little Baby Arm Circles- 300

Merkens- 150

Imperial Walkers- 300

And that was all the time we had today.

Great work!  Thanks for coming out!

Ruck It BackBlast

  • When: 07/29/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

A 4 Pax arrived at the appointed time an place on this wonderful morning.  Both Schrute and YHC had some lingering soreness plus blisters, courtesy of Saturday’s Sasquatch.  Sidenote: F3NewBern was well represented by the aforementioned Schrute and Bitcoin, plus Mr. Roboto, who absolutely crushed the last mile or so – doing a Running Ruck to the finish line.  Most impressive.  YHC is fairly certain all New Bern Pax finished in the top half of all Ruckers.  You really need to think about doing this event next year.  All three F’s on full display.


  • Mission Statement and Disclaimer
  • Sungods, IC, 10x front; 10x back
  • Slow Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • YHC demonstrated a way to quickly re-ruckify.  Pax performed 3 reps before moving to …


Leave Union Point Park Gazebo and head to Traffic Circle.  At Traffic Circle, Pax did a Bear Crawl for one complete revolution around the Traffic Circle.  Continued route up E. Front St. then left on Queen St. towards Police Station.  Right on George to Tryon Palace Entrance then left on Pollock.  Right on Metcalf to History & Education Center, then left on S. Front St. and return to Union Point Park.  Approximate distance covered of 2.2 miles at an easy pace.  Finished with Diamond Merkins, 10x, OYO and a Plank for 1:15.  Hard Stop @ 0615.


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama.

Announcements:  GrowRuck 17 (Sandhills) coming in mid-November (11/15 – 11/17).  YHC will have more details later.  In a nutshell, this is an F3 event that will entail both fun and an extreme challenge.  Convergence that Friday evening, standard Beatdown Saturday morning followed by breakfast and then a classroom setting with an emphasis on leadership.  Rumormill has it that there will be some F3 Royalty in attendance, and that Dredd has already signed on to attend.  For those who might not know, Dredd is basically the founding father of F3.  The big event will begin Saturday night sometime and will be a GoRuck Tough – 12 hours of effort over an unknown distance of perhaps a minimum of 15 miles.  Along the way, the Pax will be presented with various physical and mental challenges designed to give practical application to the classroom learning.  Victory Breakfast to follow.  Not just a CSAUP for the fun of it.  For now, feel free to direct questions to Deuce, McRib and/or Mr. Roboto, all of whom completed GrowRuck 02 in Carterico several years ago.  I’m sure the memories are still fresh in their minds.  YHC to be a part of a call-in meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening (7/30) and will no doubt have more information to share.

Closed in prayer.

It’s a great day, gentlemen.  Hope you all have a super week.

No Gifts Please

  • When: 07/27/19
  • QIC: Goose
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Little Dipper, Stye, Tree Frog, Gander, Door Knob, Chuck Wagon, Black Dog, Plan B and Goose (QIC)

8 Men and a couple of 2.0’s gathered on this “cool” July morning for a Goose Birthday Q. We welcomed a new guy (Not an FNG) Chuck Wagon from Charlotte Area. He just moved to town to be our new ROTC instructor at NBHS. Without a good story about his nickname we got started…


SSH x49 IC

C.Pickers x10 IC

Sun Gods x10 IC (forward and reverse)

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Downward Dog Calf Stretches OYO




PAX enthusiastically moseyed to the practice field wall.

Timer set to :49 sec for each exercise:

-Peoples’ Chair

-Balls to Wall (BTW)

-Peoples’ Chair w/ OH Presses

-BTW w/ alternating shoulder taps


Moseyed to practice field infield for more :49 sec timer led exercises:

-Low to High Planks x49sec

-Burpees x10 OYO

-Low Slow Flutter x49sec

-Merkins x15

-Nolan Ryans (L and R) x49sec

-Mt. Climbers x49sec

Rinse And Repeat


Mosey back to the practice field wall.

-Peoples’ Chair x49sec

-BTW x49sec


Mosey to Student Parking Lot.

-American Hammers x7 IC

-AYG Run to next corner

-LBC’s x7 IC

-Backward Run to next corner

-Heel Touches x7 IC

– AYG Run to next corner

-Low Slow Flutter x7 IC

-Backward Run to next corner

-Burpees x10 OYO

-AYG Run with a partner to next corner

-American Hammers x7 IC

-Backward Run with a partner to next corner

-Burpees x10 OYO

-Backward Run to next corner


Mosey to Wasp Nest steps and wall

-Calf Raises 50CT OYO

-Peoples’ Chair x49sec

-Burpees x9 OYO (Total 49)


Mosey to front of school.




Chuck Wagon led Wipers x10 IC and some other ab exercises. Thank you for the assist.




Name-A-Rama, announcements and a short prayer. Hard Stop 0800. Thank you PAX for coming out to “celebrate” Q’s 49th. Welcome Chuck Wagon.