Speed Limit 55

  • When: 10/02/2019
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Kevorkian, Little Dipper, Big Dipper, Winthorpe, Bit Coin, Oz, Pyro, Lil Wayne, 2 Fingers, Goose, Haggis, Shrute, 420, Gander, Faulkner, Ingrown, Black Dog, McRib

The Highway Energy Conservation Act that set the speed limit at 55 was projected by the Federal government to reduce gasoline consumption by 2.2% nationwide.  Actual savings were only in the .5% range.  It was however, a major source or revenue for many jurisdictions as the limit was widely disregarded by motorists.  Our family sedan went to a Chevrolet Caprice with a 305 and a Chevrolet Cavalier, which was a real P.O.S. and an embarrassment to a once great American Automobile industry.  I think the Cavalier topped out around 55.

We ran another victory lap and then proceeded to the wood shed on #15 for pull-ups and push-ups.  Prayers for Deuce, hope the ankle is OK brother.

Pleasure to lead, peace out….Tom.

Speed Limit 55

  • WHAT: Bushwood
  • WHEN: 10/2/2019 5:30
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: yes

    • In 1974 the federal government passed the HIghway Energy Conservation Act prohibiting speed limits higher than 55 mph.   Our family sedan was a Buick Estate 225 wagon with 400 cubic inches under the hood.  None of this has anything to do with the workout tomorrow which seems to be a trend for pre-blasts.

5 with 4s

  • When: 09/30/2019
  • QIC: Peeping Tom
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Plan B, Faulkner, Oz, Lil Wayne, Winthorpe, Kevorkian, Corn Fed, 420, Deuce, Haggis, Goose,

it was hot, and we ran.  Starting with a victory lap to celebrate the wins on Saturday.  Then some stretching and on to…

Sandbagger laps – 75% down the country club driveway, mosey to and up #17, sprint the hill on #18 x4 and finish with 5 sets of 4 dips.  Did that 5 times.  Covered about 3.7 miles.

Finished with Mary, sort of.

Finished my 54th year leading a group I’m proud to be counted as a member.   Look forward to starting my 55th the same way.

Ruck It BackBlast – Logging In

  • When: 09/30/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Hilfiger (Respect), Purdy Mouth, Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

A hearty Pax of 5 posted this morning for the weekly rendition of Ruck It.  Kotters to Purdy Mouth (sadly, sans tights) and Schrute.  Gathered in the Gazebo where the Mission & Disclaimer were given.


  • Sungods, IC, 10x Forward; 10x Backwards
  • Shoulder/Tricep Stretch OYO
  • Touch you toes (Hamstring Stretch), OYO


Pax assembled at rear of YHC’s pickup truck where several logs were waiting.  Each log was, generally speaking, long enough for 2 Pax.  One log was a little longer, and therefore provided ample room for 3 Pax.

  • Log Sit Ups, OMU, 15x
  • Log Sit Ups OMU, 15x — Much uncontrolled laughter here between Purdy Mouth and HIlfiger.  Something about Three Men and a Log …
  • Log Chest Press, OMU, 15x
  • Partner A – Log Flips, 10x down, 10x back; Partner B – Plank — Flip Flop (Al Gore for the 6)

Pair Up for Ruck Log Carry with several stops for exercise.  Free Pax to rotate with a log-totin’ Pax as needed.  Route covered Gazebo, down E. Front Street to Traffic Circle, down Broad Street to Middle Street, Middle Street to S. Front Street and back to Gazebo.  Exercises performed were (Non log-carrying Pax performed exercised with Ruck):

  • Alternating Log Shoulder Press, OMU, 20x
  • Log Curls, OMU, 20x
  • Upright Log Rows, OMU, 20x

Upon return to Gazebo, coupons were deposited back into YHC’s pickup truck.  With a couple of minutes remaining, we performed:

  • Ruck Swings, OMU, 20x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, OMU, 20x

Counted off, Name-O-Rama and Prayer.  Lifted up an opportunity for Prison Ministry to present the Gospel.

YHC needs to increase the intensity of these workouts.  Will work on it.  In the meatime, feel free to sign up to Q.

Very good start to the week, men.  Peeping Tom on Q for Bushwood.

Bitcoin out!

Shoulders, Legs; same difference

  • When: 09/27/19
  • QIC: Sandbagger
  • The Pax: @F3FlankSteak, Peeping Tom, Bitcoin, Faulkner, Unicorn, Acolyte, Gander, Goose, Pyro, BubbleGuts, Haggis, Lil Wayne, Oz, StickBuilt, Winthorpe, Plan B, Black Dog, and Double Dipper.

Image result for humidity memes

A strong group of men gathered in the never-ending humidity of ENC for a Point workout.

Warm O Rama:
SSH IC x 15
Pick up your Room, aka Carrot Pickers IC x 10
Micheal Phelps, Shoulder and leg stretches OYO

Mosey to Convention Center wall

The Thang:
HRBBJ’s (Hand Release Burpee Box Jumps)
Round 1: HRBBJ x 1; Squats x 4
Round 7: HRBBJ x 7; Squats x 4

Mosey toward NC History Center

Duck & Weave (Indian Run with Duck walk )

Mosey to NC History Center stairs

Calf Raises on stairs IC x 30

Mosey to Parking Lot

Paula Abdul – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Run Forward 2 Parking Lot medians; HillBilly Squats x 10 each side
Run Back 1 Parking Lot median back

All the way to the road (about 5 rounds of HillBilly squats)

Mosey to NC History Center Stairs

Stairway to Seven (well, Stairway to Six due to poor instructions from YHC)
At bottom step: Burpee x 1; Incline Merkin x 1; run to top step; Bobby Hurley x 1

At bottom step: Burpee x 6; Incline Merkin x 6; run to top step; Bobby Hurley x 6

Mosey back to Gazebo for Mary


Guantanamo x 1 Round
Dolly’s IC x 10
Reverse Gas Pumps IC x 10
Shoulder/Posture Work IC x 15
Lots of mumble chatter about a “hard stop.”

Bitcoin needs a Ruck partner

Closed out in prayer.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead!
-YHC, Sandbagger

Bushwood……….Tennis anyone?

  • When: 09/25/2019
  • QIC: Ingrown
  • The Pax: Morning, Double Dipper, Oz, Lil Wayne, Winthorpe, Unicorn, Haggis, Goose, Faulkner, Sandbagger, Blue Hawaiian, Black Dog, Go App St.!(Peeping Tom), Gander, Plan B, Flanksteak, Bubble Guts, Pyro, Ingrown (QIC)

19 souls gathered this AM for another round of Bushwood.  Weather was optimal and just humid enough to get a good sweat going. YHC has not been Q for awhile so I dusted off an oldie but goodie that was sure to bring some mumblechatter.  No FNG’s so we jumped right into….


Windmills x10, Helicopter X10, Imperial Walker X20 , Crab Cake X20, Freddie Mercury X20 – 5 Burpees OYO  **5 burpees to be done whenever the Q’s watch beeps (every 5 minutes) We also sprinkled in some Sumo jump squats for good measure OYO.  Short mosey to the Tennis courts for…

The Thing/ Fantastic 40’s

Partner up for 1 rounds of 20 Wheelbarrow steps and 10 then 20 partner leg tosses.  Group was split in half on opposite sidelines so half of the Pax would be crossing back and forth across court 1 or 2 for their respective work.

At the end line 10 merkins, lunge across Court 1 or 2, 10 monkey humpers, Lunge  back across Court , 10 Scorpion Dry Docks, Lunge across Court 1 or 2 , 10 WWI, Lunge back to across Court  – AL Gore for the 6

Repeato going back with 20 of each and bunny hopping across each court.  Plank at the end.

Repeato with 30 of each and bear crawl across each court – Al Gore for the 6

One more time with 40 of each and crabwalk across each court (had to modify LBCs for WWII bc at this point I was gassed). – Plank for the 6

Mosey back to parking lot  for Mary, 007s, Box Cutters x 10, Unicorn crunches x 10 each side, LSF x 10, 6 burpees OYO.

No new announcements. There was a little friendly banter about App State’s win over UNC last weekend.  Exciting game but in the end the better team won.  At least we don’t have to wait 50 years for the rematch.  UNC plays at App state in 2022,  which will be Sam Howell’s senior year Heisman campaign!

YHC took us out in prayer.

Always a pleasure!


Short Distances

  • When: 09/23/19
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Goose, Gander, Cuddy, Blue Hawaiian, Sandbagger, Oz, Lil Wayne, Sputnik, Winthorpe, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Unicorn

12 guys serious about their mobility and speed posted at the Fartlek.  After quad, hammy, calf, and glute stretches we did series of plyos with a Blue Hawaiian lap after each.  During each lap we paused at the railing for 5 hip-hinge squats and hit every step with each foot on the way back up.

  • High Knees, Butt Kicks, Lap
  • Carioca down and back, Lap
  • Frankenstein, Backward Abductor, Lap
  • Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Lap
  • Broad Jump/Straddle

Mosey to Garber for some additional stretching with hurdler and hip flexors before

Full-length Sprints at:

  • 75%
  • 80%
  • 85%

Half-length from curb sprinter blocks at:

  • 90%
  • AYG
  • AYG
  • AYG
  • AYG

Groin, Calf, and Glute stretch before an Indian Run back to the club where we completed our final plyo of a Skip and Backward Run followed by a lap.

Really solid showing at P&N for a Monday

Ruck It BackBlast

  • When: 9/23/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Double Dipper, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 2 rolled out of the Fartsack this morning for the weekly version of Ruck It.  Very informal morning with conversation interspersed with a couple of stops for Ruckercise.

Stop #1 @ History & Education Center (Butterball’s Bench)

  • Merkins, 10x
  • Step Ups, 10x
  • Tricep Dips, 10x

Stop #2 @ corner of Broad & George

  • Ruck Curls, 10x
  • Upright Ruck Rows, 10x
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, 10x

Total distance covered was just short of 3 miles and included the 2 aforementioned quick stops.