Be the One

On a crisp Thurs morning, 15 posted for some work downtown.  That F3 Atlanta crew (sort of) did a heck of a job winning the World Series, first in 26 years! So it’s our turn in New Bern.


Jog to parking lot across from convention center (too breezy at gazebo)

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Good mornings x 15 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • Downward/upward dog
  • All doing High knees around the circle, 3 merkins individually around circle

THANG – 4 corners (same 4 exercises at each corner; carioca between corners on longer sides, imperial walkers between corners on shorter sides)

  • First 4 corners: Wide, standard, diamond merkins x 10 ea + Eskimo merkins x 10 at first two corners (audible to Dry docks x 10 instead of eskimo merkins on last 2 corners)
  • Second 4 corners: Squats, forward lunges, reverse lunges, flying monkey humpers x 10 ea
  • Third 4 corners: WWI, Oblique crunches ea side, Leg raises x 10 ea
  • Fourth 4 corners: Burpees, merkins, groiners, squat jumps x 5 ea


  • Mosey back to flag pole
  • 007 abd work
  • LBCs x 50


  • F3 shirt orders available until 11/11 (contact Pyro)
  • Rucking Fri AM at flag pole
  • Peeping Tom has a grandchild on the way!


Until next time, always a pleasure!


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