Ruck It

A hearty pax of 7 ventured out on a beautiful morning to get the week started. No FNGs so we got started.


  • Carrot Pickers 4CICx10
  • SSH 4CICx10
  • Downward Dog
  • Baseball Stretches

The Thang

Due to being on IR for 2 weeks, I Q’d so as to control the intensity of the workout and get back into things. So we went ‘splorin’ around downtown. Left the gazebo heading for the back of the convention center, then along the waterfront, behind the History Center, then circled around Tryon Palace to return to Broad St and headed for the rails in front of Purdy Mouth’s house before returning to the gazebo. Along this route we did the following:

  • Lunge Walk half of bridge
  • Bear Crawl ramp on bridge
  • Heel Raises behind the Convention Center
  • Irkins along the waterfront railing
  • Dips at the History Center
  • Ruck, Ruck, Ruck
  • Irkins at the waterfront railing
  • Dips at the retaining wall
  • Tempo Irkins for good measure
  • Ruck to the gazebo


  • LBCs
  • Ruck O/H Raises
  • Ruck Skull Crushers
  • O/H Ruck Box Cutters

Counted, named, Oct. 22nd was mentioned and prayed.

A pleasure to lead.



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