The Point BackBlast – Partner Up for The Hammer

A strong Pax of 14 posted in The Gloom this morning.  In preparation for any rain, YHC made sure there were several tents available as shelter (thank you City of New Bern!!).  A slight breeze was wafting through the gazebo as we began at the appointed time with the Mission Statement.


  • SSH, IC, 10x
  • Cotton Pickers, IC, 10x
  • Down/Up/Down Dog


Partner Up.  Choose wisely as this will be your partner for the morning.

  • 1 lap Partner Carry – As a team, cumulatively complete a 1 lap buddy carry.  Swap partners at any time.  Modification here would be a 2 lap Mosey.
  • Grab a Cinder Block (one per team) and transition under tent.  Choose Cindy wisely, as there are some that are heavier than others.
  • As a team, accumulate total reps:  300 Cindy Swings, 300 WWII Sit Ups, 200 Lunges, 200 Overhead Cindy Press.  Each partner will do half the reps in any manner of team’s choosing, with only one Pax working at a time.  Mosey laps for the 6 and/or help final teams with reps.
  • Return Cinder Blocks
  • 1 lap Partner Carry – Same as before

Hard Stop @ 0616

This ended up being a burner of a workout, with multiple body parts under strain.  All Pax were fully engaged, with the only down time coming either when you were the passenger for the Partner Carry, or were the “Pax-At-Rest” while your partner was busting out reps.  Butterball and Sandbagger were an impressive team (they chose wisely), with Unicorn and Mr. Roboto in hot pursuit.  All teams completed the entire routine of 1000 total reps plus the 2 sets of laps.

YHC was sucking wind during COT, but still managed to get the counting, naming and praying completed.

Impressive amount of work done by the Pax this morning.  Glad to be a part of it.

Bitcoin, out.

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