Little Loops

A Pax of 9 started their work week off right at the Fartlek this morning.  No FNG’s present. Here’s how things went:


Neck stretches> baseball stretches> sun gods> carrot pickers> downward dog> quad stretches> SSH x  15 (IC).

Carioca down and back in employee parking lot

High knees and butt kicks down and back in employee parking lot

The Thang

  1. Loop One:  Extended BH loop at each Pax member’s chosen pace  four times and after each lap a variation of squats was performed.  Squats>sumo squats>copperhead squats>jump squats (80 total)
  2. Loop Two: Ran at intermediate pace up to club entrance drive and back along #9 cart path or #1 cart path back to employee parking  three times. After each loop a variation of merkins were performed.  Regular merkins>wide grip merkins>diamond grip merkins (70 total)
  3. Loop Three: Ran at intermediate pace up the #1 cart path to CC Rd with a 20 pace sprint along CC then back at  #17 cart path to parking lot.


LBC’s>Heel touches>Boat/Canoe



COT, announcements (No announcements),  and ended in prayer.


Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  Have a good week gentlemen!


Blue Hawaiian



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