Let the games begin

8 Americans joined your Q for an F3 Olympic themed workout.  Seeing no FNG’s I skipped the pre-mumble, then decided that today, the disclaimer might be needed.  Fortunately it was not.

After a brief warm-up the torch run began.  The pax found coupons, aka ‘torches’, in the back of the jeep and proceeded to ‘Merica for merkins on hole #1.  With our torches held high overhead we ran next to India for squats, then China for Bruce Lee and finally to Iraq for goofballs.  The big loop completed we returned to Japan to place the torches back in the jeep and begin the thang.

We reversed the order of the Triathlon, beginning with Freddie Mercury’s and a bear crawl around the parking lot for the biking,  a long blue Hawaiian for the run and ending up on the dock for a swim to the far crab pot and back.

After checking to be sure all were present, we counted named and prayed it out.

Pleasure to lead…Tom

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