Ruck It BackBlast – Down Range Q

So, YHC ran into Lt. Dan at Sasquatch over the weekend and EH’d him into not only attending Ruck It, but to Q it up as well.  To his credit, he HC’d in about 2 seconds.

Lt. Dan brought along his 60lb sandbag, or in his case, a 60lb pea gravel bag.  Pax was ready and at the appointed time, we got started.


  • Carrot/Cotton/Cherry Pickers, IC, 10x with Rucks on


Lt. Dan took the first leg with the 60, and led the Pax along the morning’s route.  At various intervals along the way, another Pax would take his turn under the 60 and so on.  Pace was steady.  Pax arrived back at Union Point with enough time to take 2 laps around the block before circling up for:


  • Ruck Squats, SC, 15x
  • WWII w/ Ruck Press, SC, 15x
  • Plank w/ each Pax calling a 3 count In Cadence

Counted, named, prayed.

Big T-Claps to Lt. Dan for being a Down Range Q this morning.

BTW, Sasquatch was great!  BackBlast linked here:  Sasquatch 2021 – One for the Books | F3 ENC Crossbones

Reminder … Black Dog headed to the Queen City this weekend for GrowRuck event “The Muthaship.”  Moonshine and Bitcoin heading to Wilmington for a GoRuck on Saturday.  This will be Moonshine’s first big event.  Let’s show our support for these men as they represent F3NewBern.  Aye!


Bitcoin, out

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