Ruck It BackBlast – Ruck Carrying Group

Our Ruck Pax is growing.  Welcome Goose for his first Ruck It post – sporting a brand new Rucker 3.0 with a 30lb plate.  Pax gathered at the appointed time and we took off.


Pax meandered through the beautiful historic downtown business district.  After 5 minutes of Rucking, we stopped for some Ruckercise, with an emphasis on chest, shoulders and back, otherwise known as the Ruck Carrying Group.

  • Rucked Up Merkins, 10x, OMU
  • Overhead Ruck Press, 20x, OMU
  • Upright Ruck Rows, 20x, OMU
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, 20x, OMU
  • Ruck Thrusters, 10x, OMU

Once the round of Ruckercise was complete, we re-rucked and continued along our route for another 5 minutes.  Rinse & Repeat until we returned to Gazebo area for:


  • Ruckees (Rucked Up Burpees), 5x, IC (six count exercise)
  • Rucked Up Merkins, 5x, OMU
  • Overhead Ruck Press, 10x, OMU
  • Upright Ruck Rows, 10x, OMU
  • Bent Over Ruck Rows, 10x, OMU
  • Ruck Thrusters, 10x, OMU

Hard Stop @ 0615.

Counted, named & prayed.

Last chance for Sasquatch.  Let YHC know if you are in and we can clown car together.  Otherwise, it will be a solo representation of F3NewBern provided by yours truly.

Great work by the Pax this morning — lots of sweat puddles along the way.  YHC is grateful for the opportunity to lead.

Goose has a B’day Q tomorrow at Dirty Bird.

Bitcoin, out!

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