Ruck It BackBlast – Know the Rules

Beautiful morning down by the river this morning, with a 5-Pax ready to go to work.  YHC brought along some friends to join the Pax – Sandy, a 40lb sandbag; her sister, Sandrina, a 60lb sandbag; and their cousin, Ruxanne, a 30lb ruck.

YHC had watched Zombieland over the weekend and was presented with some general rules for survival, and thought several might work well for our purposes, although Pax roundly and purposely ignored Rule #7 – Travel Light.


  • Rule #18 – Limber Up – Ruck Cleans with Sandrina, 10x, OYO


  • Rule #1 – Cardio – Start Rucking all the while carrying and switching out Sandy, Sandrina and Ruxanne.   Rucked through the Historic Residential District with a detour to Viagra’s home so he could move his trashcan down to the road.  YHC was not sure exactly where the detour would take us.  However, Rule #22 – When in doubt, know your way out, was followed due to Viagra’s confident leadership during this phase.  Pax did not follow Rule#10 – Don’t make any noise, as Mumble Chatter is a highly sought after commodity within F3.  Continued to the New Bern Police Department where we performed Rucked Up Merkins, 10x, OMD and Rucked Up Ranger Merkins, 10x, OMD.  With great haste (continuing with Rule #1 – Cardio; Black Dog’s watch showing heartrate at Peak), we returned to Union Point Park for Rule #32 – Enjoy the little things.  Nice breeze and super sunrise.  Finished up with a repeat of Ruck Cleans with Sandrina, 10x. OYO.

No time for Mary.  Counted, named & prayed.  Sasquatch July 31 at F3ENC.  You NEED to go.

Black Dog’s tracker showed 2.39 miles covered with zero known zombie encounters.  There may have been a couple of questionable ones along the way however, but the Pax did not stick around for verification.


Bitcoin, out.

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