Ruck It BackBlast – ENDEX TBD

Those who set out do not know when it will end.

That was the idea this morning.  Gather and Hard Start as usual, but with an undetermined ending time.  Basically, it will end when it ends.  A very small way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, as once they got started, they had no idea when it would end.


  • Merkins, OMU, 31x
  • Ruck to National Cemetery
  • Merkins, OMU, 31x
  • Leave Ruck at gate and enter National Cemetery (No burden for the Pax, as those inside the walls have already carried the ultimate burden).
  • Re-Ruck for return to Union Point Park (Taps played as we were just outside the gate.  Pax paused in silence while the bugle sounded.)
  • Merkins, OMU, 31x
  • Merkins, OMU, 7x

Total distance was approximately 4.4 miles.  100 total Merkins.

Counted, named, prayed.

2nd F Event – Thursday, June 3 @ Cypress Hall.  5p – 7p.

Sasquatch coming July 31 @ ENC.

A most sincere “Thank you” to those who have served and to those currently serving.  Deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in service to our nation.

Bitcoin, out.

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