A Tribute to Lt. Murphy

A pax of 3 showed on a beautiful Saturday morning without a designated Q.  YHC thought it appropriate to honor a fallen hero.  YHC made the suggestion to Polyp who quickly agreed to a modified Murph challenge.  YHC had no plan other than an attempt at the Murph  so I will try to recall the activity as best as possible.

Warm-a-Rama: Imperial Walkers IC x15, SSH ICx15, Abe Vigoda IC x 10, Downward/Upward Dog, Baseball stretches

Mosey to a set of stairs near the overhang for Cuddy calf raises, x10 per step OYO.

Continue to overhang for bunny hops up steps x 5 sets, Irkens x 15 OMD, rail crawl down the walkway.

Mosey to track for a set of Carolina Dry Docks x15 OMD.

The Thang.   Mosey to far goalposts for the Mini Murph which consisted of 3 Pullups, 7 Merkins, 10 squats then run out to 40 yard line and return to goal posts for another round.  We continued this for 30 minutes.  YHC lost track about round 11 with 8 minutes remaining. YHC believes Polyp completed more than 50% of the challenge before time was called.

We moseyed back for Mary competing the same exercises performed on the way out with a small decrease in the number of reps.

Mary: LSF with arms outstretched holding our imaginary 20 pound weighted vest IC x15, LBC IC x 20 (nicely called out by Polyp) and closed with a 2 minute plank.

Counted,  named and prayed.

Announcements: new AO schedule beginning Tuesday, June 1, 2021 and 2nd F event, Cypress Hall, 5PM June 3, 2021.  Come join your fellow pax for a couple of hours.

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