Ruck It Backblast – Slow Burn

On a muggy, wet morning, 5 men made their way to Union Point to experience the Slow Burn.  After a few weeks off, it was nice to be back.  YHC was a little rusty at first, but found his stride once the group got moving.


  • Cotton Pickers x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Sun God x 10
  • Reverse Sun Gods x 10
  • Hamstring Stretch x OYO
  • Downward Dog x OYO

After a quick workout, the PAX took off.  The theme of the workout centers around TUT training (Time Under Tension) where all exercises are done with a slow tempo down and quick temp up.  3 count down – 1 count up).  This worked out well for the Q who was slowly easing back into things.   We made our first stop behind the Convention Center for a little pole work.

All done with 3 count down – 1 count up

  • Merkins x 8
  • Irkins x 8
  • Reverse  Pull Ups
  • Dips

We took off from there and made our way to the parking lot across from BB&T to complete a round of:

All done with 3 count down – 1 count up:

  • Overhead Press x 10
  • Curls x 10
  • Tricep Extensions x 10

The PAX headed down Craven Street to the steps of City Hall where we completed some stair work:

There were 8 steps we had to work our way to the top.  All done with 3 count down – 1 count up.

Step 1 – 1 Merkin

Step 2 – 2 Merkins

Step 3 – 3 Merkins – and so on to the top.

At the top of the steps we completed some exercises

American Hammers x 20

Tricep Extensions x 15

We loaded back up and started heading back to the The Point.  Along the way we did a short raccoon crawl and a series of Muscle ups with a 3 count hold at the top.  Once arriving at the gazebo we finished off with 8 Pull Ups – slow lowering with a 4 count.

Mary (all done very slowly)

  • LBC’s x  40
  • Heel Touches x 40
  • Box Cutters x 20
  • Super Man/Banana x 10

No announcements and closed in prayer.

Thanks for welcoming me back.  Look forward to getting back into full swing soon.  Have a great week everyone!!

~ Acolyte



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