Ruck It Backblast

A Pax of 5 posted at the Union Point gazebo for Ruck It this morning.  We began quickly to kick the morning chill.

Route: Union Point to back side of the convention center following the sidewalk around to Hancock St, followed Hancock to Broad turning right and followed Broad turning left on Middle St, follow Middle turning right on New St, New to E Front St turning right, took a right at the traffic circle up Broad and turned left on Craven,  Craven to S Front turning back to the gazebo at Union Point for a total of 2 miles

Rest Breaks: 25 Deep squats behind the convention center, 10 side to side merkins at the docks, pass the pack WW2s along Hancock St,   Dan Taylors to 5 and 20 beginning at Broad St, 20 Bent over rows, 20 upright rows, 15 curls, and 20 triceps raises at the circle, 20 hanging legs raises, 10 side to side merkins, 10 hanging leg twists and 30LBCs at the gazebo


  1. Great job this morning, Doorknob! With you, there were 6 this morning. Lots of fun. I don’t think I’ve heard grown men giggle like I did during Pass the Pack WW2s. I have a feeling a lot of those exercises will show up again.

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