Laps and Loops

A Pax of 19 showed up on an unusually dry morning to get the week started off right.  There were no FNG’s so YHC jumped into SSH’s IC x 25; Downward Dog OYO; Oz Stretches OYO due to YHC’s inability to balance and count at the same time; and Cotton Pickers IC x 10.

The Pax then formed up for what turned out to be a very spirited Snake Run taking the long Loop  around to the Garber lot where we stumbled onto a group of women setting up to work out…hmm we’ve been here before.  WinthorpE was gracious enough to reach out and make sure we wouldn’t be bothering anyone and we proceeded in Laps.

Lap #1-Sprint 1st leg and Mosey legs #2, #3, and #4.  Back at the corner 30 Sumo Squats IC.

Lap#2-Sprint 1st and 2nd leg and Mosey legs #3 and #4.  Back at the corner 20 Merkins IC

Lap #3-Sprint 1st, 2nd and 3rd legs and Mosey #4.  Back at the corner 10 Burpees OYO

Formed up for another Snake Run  around the Country Club Loop

Rinse and Repeat Laps.

Pax then Moseyed back to Employee Lot at Club for Mary:

Low Slow Flutter IC x 25; Dying Cockroach IC x 50 and finished with 100’s.

YHC closed in Prayer.

Gentlemen thank you for allowing me to lead this morning and for helping to continue to push me!  Two Fingers on Bushwood.

420 Out.

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