MILFS at Bushwood

25 braved the gloom for a muggy, warm workout at Bushwood.

Without wasting anytime, we started off with the “slaughter starter” – 10 Burpees OYO

Side Straddle HopsX20

Sun Gods x20

Cotton Pickers x10

American Hammers x20


THANG (MILF WORK) – Partner A – exercises  Partner B – sprint x2 or LUNGE

Partner A: Merkins          Partner B – Sprint x2 -30 yards    – Cumulative 100 Merkins

Partner A: Imperial Walkers   Parnter B- Lunge 30 yards — cumulative 200 IW

partner A: Low Country Crab  Partner B – Sprint 30 yards x2 — cumulative 100

Partner A: Freddie Mercs      Partner B – Lunge   — cumulative 200

Partner A: Sumo Squats      Partner B — Sprint x2 Cumulative 100

Mosey To Jacobs Ladder Hill

Partner A: 4x4s (1 burpee, 4 Merkin, 4 MTN climbers)

Partner B: runs backward up hill x2

50 Calf Raises

Balls to wall (5 sec count x25)


Boat Canoe

Low Slow Flutter x10

Box Cutters

Deep Stretching


Circle of Man

NO announcements

Thanks gentlemen for the support this morning. Im gassed. Happy Memorial Day to all. Lets honor the men who have fallen for this great nation.

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