Point Back Blast – 2nd Amendment

20 men posted on a warm, beautiful morning at the Point for an impromptu Gun Show.  YHC squealed in with 2 minutes to spare to a PAX anxious to get started.  After a quick review of our mission statement and an explanation of today’s theme – we jumped right in.


  • SSH x 25
  • Sobriety Sungods x 10 per side
  • Cotton Picker (narrow) x 10
  • Cotton Picker (wide) x 10
  • Downward Dog – OYO
  • Upward Dog – OYO
  • Baseball Shoulder/Tri stretch
  • Neck stretch

After a thorough warm-up the PAX did a slow mosey under the bridge and to the back of the Convention Center for:

The Thang

Today’s workout was strictly focused on the guns.  With Summer just around the corner, we are exercising our right to bear/bare arms. With a large group we broke into pairs and completed 3 Rounds of 8 exercises with little to no rest between.  Partners split exercises and most were done with 21 reps.  They included

(1) Diamond Pushups x 14 + 7 quick pulses

(2) Inverted Rows x 14 + 7 quick pulses

(3) Dips x 14 + 7 quick pulses

(4) Inverted Chin Ups x 14 + 7 pulses

(5) Sphinx Pushups x 14 (or as many as possible)

(6) Chin Up Hang – 21 second hold

(7) Carolina Dry Docks x 14 + 7 quick pulses

(8) Pole Dancers (14 or 7 each side)

Rinse and Repeat 3 rounds

After completing these rounds we did a short job to the front of the Convention Center for duck/squat walk along the front wall x 2.  Sweat pouring and arms quivering, we met back at the flag for a quick


LBC’s x 50

American Hammers x 15

Rainbow Flutters (10x10x10)

Superman/Banana x 8

No new announcements

The PAX closed in prayer.  Pete and Nicki’s knew we were coming and posted the attached sign in honor of today!  Thanks for a strong showing this morning – I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Upcoming Schedule

The Bear – McRib

Fartlek – Cuddy

Bushwood – Deuce

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