The Bear Backblast

Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties over the weekend.


Don’t Poke the Bear featured the return of Deuce and saw 10 gather for a slightly modified remake of a holiday classic: Morning’s 12 Days of Christmas.


Warm o Rama
o Abe vigoda
o Side straddle hops
o Monkeyhumpers
o Sun god f
o Sun God b
o Windmills
o Down dog
o Up dog
o Moracoan night club

Courtyard: Box jumps x 10, Step ups on box x 10 each leg, Calf raises x 25, LBCs on box x 25

12 Games of UVA/Pitt at parking lot (each round followed by run longways down parking lot and Cariocoa shortways to opposite corner)
-BC/Miami: Catalina Wine Mixer x 1
-Vtech/UL: Monkey Humpers x 2
-UNC/Vtech: Burpies x 3
-Syr/Duke: Squats x 4
-NCSU/Gtech: Merkins x 5
-Gtech/Syr: Dying cockroach x 6
-WFU/Duke: Lunges x 7 each leg
-Clem/NCSU: Travoltas x 8 each side
-Duke/Syr: Imperial walkers x 9
-UL/Miami: Plank jacks x 10
-Syr/UNC: American Hammer x 11
-FSU/Clem: Air presses in Squat x 12

• low slow flutter 20 count IC
• heal touches 20 count IC

• Duke debutante sit ups 10 count IC

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