Beatdown at the Bern

10 Warriors gathered on a cold morning with a bright moon for a tough workout – leaving an FNG vomiting.  Yep, it was that kind of workout.  The FNG was appropriately named Zofran after the anti-nausea medicine.  Like a true F3 warrior, Zofran has already committed to Friday’s workout. If it were me, you would never see me again – I don’t like to vomit.

The workout started with Cotton Pickers, Side-Straddle Hops and High Knees.

Then the workout took a turn – starting with an exercise thought up by the Q’s twisted mind.  It starts with both partners planking while the partner in the back did a Burpee and jumped over the partner.  This continued the entire length of the parking lot – which was much further than remembered when putting the workout together.  We did several lengths of the parking lot with exercises involving wheelbarrow, bear crawl, long jumps, etc.

Then the workout went on to involve 200+ side-saddle hops, 100 people’s choice shoulder presses, running, and an ab workout that involved 007, Banana/Superman, Freddie Mercuries and a whole lot more.

Today’s workout was a beat down and I appreciate everyone who came.  See everyone Friday at 5:30 for a hard start.

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