Biscuits…and legs

It was a balmy 26 degrees at the start of the Biscuits workout at the Point. YHC figured we should dedicate 40 minutes or so to our wonderful legs. No FNG’s so once Morning arrived we got right into it.

Warm 0 Rama:

o   Capri Lap

o   Finkle Swings

o   Stretch quads, hammy’s, calfs, etc..OYO

o   Flying Sun Gods Sobriety Style

·       The Thang:

·       Bojangles Biscuit

o   Laps at the Point

§  Sprint the straights, jog the corners

§  Added 15 burpees to make it Blueberry Biscuit

·       Aiken Legs at Convention Center

§  20 squats

§  20 box jumps

§  20 lunges (10 each leg)

§  20 split jacks

·   Hindenburg BLIMPS

o   Laps at the Convention Center

§  Sprint to corner #1, 10 merkins…sprint to corner #2… (round 1)

Back to a round of Aiken Legs

Round 2 of Hindenburg Blimps (20 lunges)

Mosey to City Hall

·       StairBarrows (partner up)

§  Go up stairs, 5 derkins, then down stairs

§  Flapjack

Mosey back to Aiken Legs (round #3)

·       Mary:

·       Global Warming (Hold Al Gore while shuffling in circle, call out exercise, shuffle the other way)

·    We did a round of Bobby Hurleys, Iron Mike’s, and Merkins

Hard stop at the end of our 10 Merkins

Announcements: something about Pete & Nikki’s having the best bacon – BItcoin did not concur.

I had fun, gents. Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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