The Bear Backblast

8 came out to for an “oldie but goodie” on a day when the temperature was below freezing

Warm-o-rama (slow mo)

  • Cotton pickers 10 count IC
  • Abe vigoda 10 count IC
  • Side straddle hops 25 count IC
  • Monkeyhumpers 10 count IC
  • Sun gods forward 10 count IC
  • Sun gods reverse 20 count IC
  • Moroccan Night Club 10 count IC
  • Downward dog OYO
  • Upward dog OYO

The Thang

  • mosey around NBHS to football practice field
  • Frisbee – tossed by member of the Pax, once thrown sprint by all toward frisbee while in the air, with dealers choice of exercise to the frisbee once it lands – repeat by each member of the Pax
  • Mosey to benches OYO
    10 urkins
    15 squats
    20 Bavarian lunges
    25 standing jump
    Mosey to frisbee
  • rinse and repeat (3 more times)

mosey to frozen grass for Mary


  • Boat canoe
  • Super Man/ Banana
  • Alabama debutant sit-ups 10 each side
  • Side crunch10 each side
  • Fire Hydrants

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