11-27 Fartlek Backblast – Shorten the Par 3s

Monday mornings are tough.  Monday mornings following a long holiday weekend are really tough.  A PAX of 11 brought it this morning to do some work.


SSH X 15 IC, Downdog OYO, Mule Kicks X 10


Moseyed to the first tee where QIC explained the plan.  Running the golf course with a stop at the tee of each par 3 for some pain for the length of those holes, then on to the next par 3, planking for the 6.

Hole 3 – All PAX kept the aggressive pace set by Oz, so there was no 6.  Lt. Dan walks with 2 lunge steps, then squat.

Hole 9 – Modify the Lt. Dan walks to 4 lunge steps, then squat.

Hole 12 – Modified to backwards run since time was not on our side and QIC wanted to get some miles in.

We ran 13 and 14, then back down 11 and up the main drive to finish right at 6:15.  We had to cut short a few holes, but the PAX got in about 4 miles this morning and some strong quad work.

Lil Wayne on Bushwood.  We closed with a short prayer.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead guys!

HT Out.

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