Bushwood Fairway Work and Shameless Plug (so read until the end)

21 Pax gathered on a beautiful and very dark morning.  Last Bushwood before the time change so maybe it will be a little lighter next time.  Just like Mickey D’s the McRib is back.   No FNG’s so we jumped right into:

  • Sun Gods x10 IC forwards/backwards
  • Cotton Pickers x10 IC
  • Side Straddle Hops x40 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x10 IC
  • 5 Bupees OYO
  • Down Dog stretch

Indian Run out the front entrance, right on Country Club and then right on 17 cart path to some lit cones on 17 fairway were we partnered up and performed:

  • Partner Bear Crawl – Partner A bear crawl to cone, run backwards to starting point. Partner B Plank Jacks and then Flap Jack
  • Partner Crab Walk – Partner A crab walk to cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B copper head squats and then Flap Jack
  • Partner Lt. Dan – Partner A Lt. Dan (Lunge, Lunge, Squat) to cone, run backwards to starting point. Partner B merkins and then Flap Jack.
  • Partner Broad Jump – Partner A broad jump to cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B Plank
  • Partner Sprint – Partner A sprint to cone, run backwards to starting point.  Partner B LBCs

Short mosey underneath the Club for:

  • Wall Taps x15 IC 4 count
  • Merkin Wall taps x10 IC 4 count
  • Peoples Chair with Air Presses x 15
  • BTW (5 count from each member of the PAX)

Blue Hawaiian lap and rinse and repeat and then mosey back to the 17 fairway for 7s with Burpees and American Hammers.  When done, mosey to employee parking lot for Mary utilizing people’s choice:

  • Superman/Banana led by Acolyte
  • Pike Ups x30 led by Conrad Murray (with a slight hint from me that this was just a practice for his upcoming Q on 11/8)
  • LSF x15  (maybe more?) led by Kevorkian
  • Gas Pumps x15 (I think?) led by Mr. Roboto
  • Box Cutters x15 led by YHC

Kevorkian wants to make sure everyone comes out to Pursuit of Hoppyness – so put it on your calendar – Wednesday 11/8, 5:30 pm at the Bruin.

Mr. Roboto running the Point Friday.  Harris Teeter on the Bear Saturday.

Ended in prayer including prayers for Alex Burnette per request from Bubble Guts.   As always a pleasure and honor to lead.

Sign up to Q – especially if you’ve been coming a while and haven’t yet.  Be like Sputnik and go for it.

Finally shameless plug – The M is having a beer tasting today (11/2) at The Village Butcher from 5-7pm sampling beers from the Clown Shoes Brewery.   If anyone can make it – even for just  a few minutes  it would be most appreciated.   I’ll be there for the 6-7 hour.  Aye!

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