Bear Backblast

6 came out to “catch me if you can” on a day when it was not supposed to rain but did

Warm-o-rama (slow mo)

cotton pickers 10 count IC
Abe vigoda 10 count IC
Side straddle hops 10 count IC
Monkeyhumpers 10 count IC
sun gods forward 10count IC
sun gods reverse 20 count IC
Alabama slammers 10 count IC
downward dog OYO
Upward dog OYO

The Thang

mosey around NBHS to football practice field

Round 1
Frisbee – tossed by member of the Pax, once thrown sprint by all toward frisbee while in the air, with dealers choice of exercise to the frisbee once it lands – repeat by each member of the Pax

Mosey to benches OYO
10 urkins
15 squats
20 Bavarian lunges
25 standing jump
Mosey to frisbee

rinse and repeat (3 more times)

mosey to covered front entrance


Boat canoe
Alabama debutant sit-ups
Side crunch

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