10-2-17 Fartlek Backblast – A Scenic Loop

15 men and a dog reported for duty on a 55 degree morning.  The shovel flag was planted, and a few of us waited for the cavalry to arrive.  A steady stream of headlights came down the drive with a few minutes to spare.  With no FNGs, we started:


SSH X 25 IC  –>  Downdog  –>  Updog  –>  Tempo Merkins X 10 (double count)

Line up on the baseline for carioca down and back


QIC led the PAX on an exploratory mission this morning, out of the Club, turn right then run all the way to Trent Shores entrance.  To my knowledge, this was uncharted Fartlek territory.  After calling out the route, I realized (1) I didn’t have a clue how far it was, and (2) I didn’t have a clue whether there were street lights.  Fortunately, there were a few street lights and some headlamps from prepared PAX.  Major was there to scare away deer, raccoon, and sasquatch.  No one got lost.

Turns out its about 1.5 miles.  Just right.  The PAX ran in groups at their own pace, with all groups turning back to run in with the 6 after reaching Trent Shores.  The fast guys got a little more mileage.

Once at the Trent Shores entrance, we paused for:

Plankjacks X 20 IC  –>  Wide Merkins X 10 (double count) IC  –>  Ranger Merkins X 5 (double count) IC  –>  WWI X 20 IC  –>  5 Burpees OYO

Then we did the same routine back to the Club entrance, with the fast guys coming back to pick up the 6.  By my count, we got 3 miles in this morning.

Not finished yet, we lined up on the baseline for 3 rounds of All You Got, down and back.


Low slow flutter X 30 IC  –>  Dying Cockroach X 20 IC  –>  LBC X 20 IC.

McRib is your Q for Bushwood.  Cookout is an engaged man.  QIC took us out with a short prayer.



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