Bring On The Bacon

Slight drizzle to start our workout this morning. It didn’t stop a Pax of 18 from coming out and getting their early morning workout in.  I had my first FNG, which I was not prepared for, so I had to enlisted the help of Unicorn to go through the FNG/legal speech. (He and Flanksteak are real naturals at that)  The Pax learned that a standard slice of bacon is around 44 calories. With that being said they knew what the counts would be for the Thang.

• SSH x 40
• Sungods forwards x 10 small, 10 large
• Imperial Walkers x 20
• Michael Phelps OYO
• Windmills x 20
• Mountain climbers x 20

Mosey around Union Point over to the Convention center which got the blood flowing.

The Thang
Partner up. Partner 1, partner 2
1-American Hammers, 2-Dips x 22. Switch positions, do each position 2x
1-Freddy Mercury’s, 2-benchpress pull ups x 22. Switch positions, do each position 2x
1-WWI, 2-alternating chin-ups x 22. Switch positions, do each position 2x

Lap around the convention center, raccoon crawl the brick wall. Repeat workout.

Mary back over to the flag poles. Wasn’t much time left so we only got 1 exercise in.

Monkey humpers x 44



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