Ring of Fire

23 men posted this AM amid the “dark” gloom with only the whites of eyes identifying those present.  We began with a “morning” lap around the parking lot in hopes of capturing any stragglers (mini me).  I wasn’t aware of any late comers but mini me did appear at some point.  We moseyed to the fairway by the tennis courts to begin our warm ups and it went like this;

Darkness still met us but glow sticks helped…..


  • High Knees over to pylon, Right Shuffle Return x2
  • Butt Kicks over to pylon,  Left Shuffle Return x2
  • Skaters over to pylon, Walking Lunges Return x2
  • Squat Jumps There / Lt Dans back x2 (Squat, w/ lunges)
  • Single leg (Alternate) Kick Back / Frankenstein’s Back x2

Warmth was achieved as the mumble chatter died away.  We began…..


Suicide Face Off

Partner up FOR
  • Plank facing each other, Go…suicides each direction, Plank for six, 15 wide push ups
  • Plank, Go…suicides Rt Side Shuffles, Plank for six, 15 Close push ups
  • Plank, Go…Lt Side Shuffles, Plank for six, 15 Carolina dredge push ups
  • Plank, Backwards there forwards back, Plank, 15 Staggard Push-ups, Alternate
  • Side Leap Frog race from between pylons to opp end with partner, back, plank for six, 15 push ups



Set pylons around in a big circle (10 Cones or something similar)

  • Pt 1 runs around circle stop at each pylon, squat, switch lunge repeato 3 times
  • Pt 2 Walk it out, back, knee slap, repeato until Pt 1 returns
  • Next
  • Pt 1 Rt Shuffle to pylon, Star Jacks 4 total (two each leg)
  • Pt 2 Alternate Planks w/ mountain climbers 4 each leg
  • Next
  • Pt 1 Lt Shuffle to pylon, 4 squat thrusts
  • Pt 2 Pogo, ski (mogul jumps)

Mosey back to parking lot


Side V Sit Ups – 25 total each side

Announcements: Mini Me visiting from F3 LKN, welcome and return anytime, Give 2 Give program would like donations (tax deductible) for expansion efforts in Chicago, St Louis, and others.  Q Leadership opportunities abound for the F3 expansion efforts.  Q closed us out in prayer.

Acolyte on Q for The Point, Ingrown on Q for The Bear.  Sign up for Q.

Great effort today men, pleasure to be a part of the group.  Peace Out, Faulkner


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