Lloyd’s Boom Box

YHC arrived early the am and was getting a little anxious when he still had only Faulkner to look at 5 minutes out.  Then out of the gloom came Hawkeye-a visitor from Rock Hill, SC-with an attitude that immediately lifted mine.  We were still a little light with a Pax of 10 (with 2 showing up during warm-a-rama) but we were eager.  We started with:

Windmills IC x10, Frankensteins IC x 10, Sun gods IC x 20, Mt Climbers IC x 20, Michael Phelps OYO and threw in some Chinooks at the last minute to further work out the shoulders.

we then moseyed under the bridge, around the convention center and down Craven St to YHC’s warehouse where everyone grabbed a cinder block, partnered up and meet outside for the Thang:  Flora 1, 2, 3

Cumulative Merkins 100:  A Does 10 Block Merkins while B Holds Derkin Plank-Flapjack until 100

Cumulative LBC’s 200:  A Does 20 LBC’s while block while B Holds legs 6″ off ground with block extended overhear-Flapjack until 200

Cumulative Goblet Squats 300:  A Does 25 Goblet Squats while B Hold lower portion of Goblet Squat position with block-Flapjack until 300

Thang Part 2:  Partner Laps

Lap #1:  A runs lap around city parking lot with block overhead (Lloyd’s Boom Box) but leaves block at halfway point.  B Does Blockees (Burpees with blocks) until A returns-Flapjack with B bringing block home.

Lap # 2:  Same but Elf on the Shelf replaces Blockees

Lap #3:  Same but Rock-a-bye-Baby’s replaces Elf on the Shelf

Lap #4:  Same but Colt 45’s replace Rock-a-bye-Baby’s

Returned blocks and moseyed back to park with just enough time for Low Slow Flutter’s IC x20 and Dying Cockroach on YHC’s up x 30 for Mary.

YHC closed in prayer.

Thanks to those coming out in the rain-YHC had fun-thanks.


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