21 men gathered Up Early for what was surely to be a highly motivated Morning. It started out a little dark, but men came out of the darkness like Peeping Toms to join in. As the sun rose, the dew rose from the ground like it read from the pages of a Faulkner novel; however fertilizer prevented us from hitting the grass. Therefore, we gathered on the rough gravel to do our thang. If only someone could have come and Swiffered all that fertilizer away.

As I wrote the workout last night, I wanted to focus on the chest. I was worried the Thang read like a prescription order from Dr. Kevorkian; however I knew this was a Sandbagging bunch and would tread through the performance like as if they were shopping at Harris Teeter. After the usual mumble chatter and some usual BS, we jumped right into chest day like a Russian launching Sputnik.


Sun Gods x20

Imperial Walkers X 20

Calf Stretches

Merkins x 20

Lower Back Stretches

SSH x 30

The Pax pranced right through the Warma Rama as if they were some Unicorns. I could tell they were hungry for the next phase as if they were a couple hungry bears chasing a Honey Wagon. So we ramped it up a notch………

Pointless Mosey Around the club house back to the parking lot….


Partner A: 4x4s (1 Burpee, 4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers)

Partner B: Bearcrawl to the bricks and Lunge Back

— Cumulative 100 4x4s – backed down to 75 mid work out.

Breathing got heavy as the Pax crawled on the ground like a bunch of drunk Gypsies during the bear crawl. McRib as usual owned the crawl, but I was seeing a lot of O Faces on the pax face as they got past the 50 count on the 4x4s. Once everyone got to the number, we held the Al Gore until the 6 was in.

Mosey to Underneath of Club house:

Each partner regrouped. Partner A took a seat at the Peoples Chair, while Partner B ran the loop. Personally, I was glad to be using a portion of my lower body. But after 2 peoples chairs and 2 loops, my legs became Roboto legs and had trouble bending appropriately.

To cap off Chest Day, we completed the following:



10 Ranger Dirkins

Balls to the Wall – full pax 10 count


At this point, I was gassed, like a 420 tank, but knew were close to the hard stop. We moseyed up to the lot for the Mary, which went down like this….

25 Merkins


Low Slow Flutter

Back Stretches

Calf Stretches

After the count, we circled up for prayer. T claps were given to Mr. Roboto and Deuce for owning the Sasquatch like Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange has owned both political parties. Othewise, there were no announcements.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Enjoyed it!


Bubble Guts



ps. I could not, for the life of me, work in Cuddy, flanksteak, Oz. so there you go…..



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