Backblast- Tha Block Is Hot

For those out of listening range today, “Tha Block Is Hot” was Lil Wayne’s first full-length album and featured gems such as the title track and “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Eleven of us gathered this morning in the 80’ish degree weather for some running with a few exercises mixed in between.


15 Side Straddle Hops IC

15 Merkins IC

10 Sun Gods IC forward and reverse

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Cotton Pickers IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Calf Stretches OYO

15 Squats IC

The Thang

We set off running along “Route 66,” a 1-mile run with a stop at each street light to do burpees in ascending order from 1-11, for a total of 66 burpees.

Next up was a modified version of 11’s on Trent River Dr. in front of Faulkner’s house.   Two sets of cones were set up a short distance apart.  Starting at 1st set of cones, Pax did 1 squat jump, run to other set of cones, 10 Merkins, back to other cones, 2 squat jumps, run, 9 Merkins, and so on, always adding up to 11.

We returned to NBGCC along “Route 28,” stopping at selected street lights along the way to do 10, then 8, then 6, then 4 Merkins.

We did some quick calf stretches and reached our hard stop at 615.  Sorry, no Mary today.  Enjoyed it, thanks!

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