Bushwood Backblast

23 men posted today at NBGCC for the PAX. FNG- Shocker Welcome!  After confirming all were here for the “free” workout and not Yoga, Q went thru the disclaimer and Mission Statement of F3. Wanting to maximize time went into:


Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Sun Gods 20 seconds each small/large/forward/backward

Windmills X 20 IC 4 ct

Achilles Stretch (first resemblance to yoga)

Mosey to fairway 17 for the THANG– this is where the whiteboard eluded in Preblast came into play.

Format: Starting line(exercise) , travel to Cone 1, travel to Cone 2, back to start.  After the Burpee sequence, Y decided to move the cones closer together as in placing in the dark didn’t realize the distances.

10 Burpees- No Merkin- Dan Taylor to cone 1, Bear Crawl to cone 2, Carioca back to start- right off the bat some groans, plank for six

10 Merkins, Mexican to 1, Crab Crawl to 2, Fast Run back to start, plank

10 Side Straddle Hops, Run backwards to 1, Bear to 2, Carioca to start,

10 TRT- “Trent River Dips” Partner A in dip position Partner B hold A’s legs up and squat while also holding in half curl position-  might work better with B on knees. Dan Taylor to 1, Crab to 2, Fast Run to start, plank

20 LBC, Mexican to 1, Bear to 2, Mosey to start,plank

20 K2C- Knees to chest in plank, Backwards run to cone 2, Mosey to start, elbow plank

10 each- Ranger Merkins, Wide M, Punch, Norris- Backwards run to cone 2, Fast Run to start, elbow plank

Rinse/Repeat Went thru 10 Burpees,  10 Merkins,  20 TRT and added 10 each side of one armed “Moser” dips (Unicorn didn’t have a partner for TRT so PAX needed to show love and perform Moser’s as well),  20 K2C, 20 LBC- pulled some audibles between the cones Dan Taylors to end, backwards run to end, carioca to end

Another round of Merkins with fast run to cone 1 crab to 2, mosey back


Set of “Hundreds”- Q started counting then Faulkner picked up with every 10- thanks

American Hammers- 100 count same with PAX helping with count every 10

30 Monkey Crunches

Side Crunch- 10 each side- Q might’ve changed to 20 can’t remember Side plank push hips to ground ( Close as we got to Yoga again)

E2K- right ankle over left knee left elbow to RA, 20 each side

Never Cross dolly- 20 or 30?

Everyone on feet- performed count did a time check and noticed enough time for 20 Freddie Mercuries- lotta groans/mumble

NAME A RAMA FNG- Chris Hudson “Shocker”

Announcements:  Bomble on Q Friday. Everyone park towards hotel/boat ramp at far end.  Meeting at flag pole. Q closed out in prayer. McRib on the Bear

Enjoyed it fellas Faulkner thanks for bringing the sandbags- glad we didn’t pull them out, Unicorn same for the bricks



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