6-24-17 The Bear – Monorail…Monorail…Monorail

Despite heavy losses due to family trips to the beach and other things, we still were 11 strong at the Bear.  The theme alluded to a classic Simpsons episode where Springfield was bamboozled into a sub-standard monorail system.  QIC bamboozled the PAX into running on a Bear-day.  But, unlike Springfield’s monorail, Harris Teeter got em all back safely.


Under the circumstances, we had to start with yoga poses.  Down-dog (name change to “lying bitch”?), then up-dog.

Cotton Pickers X 10 IC

Windmills X 15 IC

Tiger Woods (sobriety style) Sungods X 10 IC front then X 10 IC back switching legs

Side Straddle Hops X 25 IC

ATMs (alternating shoulder touches X 10 IC ; tempo merkins X 10 IC ; double-count merkins X 10 IC).  This sneaks the warm-up to another level

Carioca down the parking lot and back


Stop 1:  Mosey the long way from the meeting place to the Big Parking Lot for 2 laps of Catch Me If You Can – 3 Burpees first lap, 5 Merkins second lap.  Plank for the six.

Stop 2:  Mosey back to HT’s car for 90 degree bottled water, then to the covered area where each man grabbed a “box” and did 20 Twisting Box Jumps ; 20 Irkins ; 20 Derkins.  Monkey Humpers X 20 IC.  Rinse and Repeat 20 each box jumps, irkins, derkins.  My bad for calling irkins into derkins.  Rough combo.

Stop 3:  Mosey to the rear paved area.  This stop was designed to check the progress of the PAX since the Snotwoggler in October 2016.  We did the exercises that were listed on that Backblast:  18 Jump Squats — 18 LBCs, then 18 Werkins — 18 Sumo Squats, then 18 WWIIs — 18 Ranger Merkins.  This was no sweat for the PAX.  Some thought we did more than this during the Snotwoogler.  Having repressed all memory of that event, I can’t say, but this was what Tonka listed.

Stop 4:  Mosey to THE WALL.  Partner A BTTW, Partner B runs out to a designated tree and back.  Flapjack X 2 rounds.  Same with Wall Sits X 2 rounds.

Stop 5:  The Far Parking Lot Across From Baseball Field.  The PAX formed a plank line head to toe holding plank for a 10 count by each man back to front.  Keeping plank line, we walked 10 “paces” to the right, then 10 paces back.  Then we held plank while the rear man ran to the front until we cycled through each man.

Stop 6:  The Front Lawn for Mary.

Mule Kicks X 10

More Mule Kicks X 5

Freddy Mercury X 15 IC

Dying Cockroach X 30 IC by McRib

Boat Canoe

Low Dolly X 20 IC

Flutter Kicks X 20 IC

Announcements were:  Roboto won’t stop talking about the Sasquatch.  We all humored him with feigned interest.  McRib on the Fartlek Q.  Lots of construction equipment, rolls of sod, and piles of dirt for obstacles.


This was a tough one.  Hard work was done in the humidity.  We crushed the exercised that crushed us during the Snotwoggler.

There was some discussion about response to you know what from you know who.  Here’s one observation.  That lady’s attack is the best thing that could have happened to F3NewBern.  I think that it has brought this group closer together.  Let’s keep it up.



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