13 showed for the fartlek on a pretty muggy morning to monitor the progress of the golf course renovation.  Time would be a factor so we skipped warmup and moseyed down the hill toward the bridge and up to 17 tee to start.  We’d hit each tee box for different exercises until we ran out of time.

17 Imperial Walkers IC

16 Plank Dips IC


14 Flutters IC

13 Dollys IC

12 Reverse Planks

11 Heel Touches IC

10 Oblique Crunches, each side

9 Freddie Mercurys IC

8 Capt. Thors OYO

7 Body Builder Burpees OYO- this brought out the sad faces

Time was running thin so we continued running past each tee box on the way back to the 1st tee with just a brief pause at 5 in reverse plank for the six

1 Boxcutter

3.8 miles

Front nine is 2.0 and Back is 1.8 if you don’t take any of the path shortcuts near the tee boxes.


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