Father Knows best…….

12 of the Pax showed for some mighty humid conditions at the Bear.  The Pax was undaunted.  No FNG’s so we went right into…


SSH x15, Cotton Pickers x 10, Tempo Merkins x 10, Triceps stretch overhead;  Winthorpe Achilles stretch.  Warmarama was short as the humidity was kicking in so we did a short mosey to the side parking lot of the school for

The Thang part 1:

Father’s day is the 18th so 18 was the magic number for this part.  A set of benches were ready for dips so we started with 1 rep of dips then ran to  the circle median where we did 17 WWI sit ups. repeat these exercises while increasing the dip reps by one and decreasing the WWI reps by 1 until the last set was 17 dips and 1 WWI.  Very aggressive start and thank god we were in the shade.

We were not so lucky for  Part 2 as we moseyed to the 1/4 mile track to complete the Bearkin mile.  A Bearkin mile is a combo of a Native American bear crawl and a merkin mile.  The Pax divided into two 6 man teams.  Each group ran one lap with the fastest folks getting into plank position and the other group members would get into plank position right in front of the next person.  Once everyone was in position in a straight line the NA bear crawl started, once each group member made it to the front everybody would do 1 merkin.  Once everyone did their bear crawl, the groups took off for another lap and this was done 4x.  This was tough in the heat and sweat was plentiful. YHC gave the Pax a 1 minute water break( Unicorn pulled out at this moment to go play golf) and then we moseyed to the covered area for Part 3….Lazy Dora…..

The Pax partnered up for high rep stuff OYO.  first exercise was 75 merkins,  partner A would do 20 merkins while partner B held plank then switch until 75 were done.  next exercise 150 LBC’s partner A would do 30 reps while partner B did a 6 inch leg lift, then rotate until 150 was hit.  last exercise were 225 foot release squats.  Partner A would perform the box release squats while partner B held squat position, rotate until 225 rep mark was hit.  YHC called time on this as we were running out of it. Tclaps to McRibb and Winthorpe for finishing all the reps!  We then moseyed to the shovel flag  for

Mary, box cutters x 10; freddie mercuries x 15; starmans x 11 with 11 sec hold at the end; heel touches x 15; then Winthorpe lead us for a 60 sec hand grab exercise he picked from his lacrosse glory days.  At this point YHC and the Pax had enough.

No new announcements.  Unicorn Q for Fartlek, Cuddy Q for Bushwood.  Flanksteak and or Bomble will Q the Point for our Peace accord meeting with the Yoga Pants group. Prayers for Roboto’s Uncle in law and Flank’s childhood friend battle cancer.  prayer’s for Mrs. Winthorpe’s grandmother as she is not doing well.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Always a pleasure!


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